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SOLD!! Freshly built Ping Vault 2.0 CRAZ-E H 38" Counter Balanced putter

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Here is a freshly modified 2018 Ping Vault 2.0 CRAZ-R H putter 38" long meant to be a Counter Balanced putter.   

Sent in the head to Ping to get the heavier weight screws in Black installed ..  Shaft is a non-stepped steel shaft powder coated in matte black. 

Grip is a fresh Ping CB60 pistol mid grip that is heavy enough to make the putter counterbalanced. 

Comes with two headcovers and the original copper colored standard weight screws.  

Condition is 9/5/10 with just a tiny ( almost unnoticeable )  chatter mark on the leading edge of the sole. 


Not sure why Ping did not make a CB model for this particular head, I personally think it looks great now that it is all murdered out!  

Unfortunately,  I seem to putt better with standard length blades.   I just had the urge to build this and try.  

Another failed experiment of mine.. you could say.... 

My loss is your gain!  










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