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metal factory mb/wedge test:

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not a lot of idea about these   but cruising past the test bay  they took my eye,. originally was the 56* wedge that I gravitated to. then I saw the MBs.

yup, my kinda look. brushed satin non glare. very classy.

hit the 7 iron first ( ns modus 120s ) , OFFSET check, not a lot. non glare check, thin top line, but a pretty full muscle, slightly longer blade, these are made for scoring not distance.

feel , very nice!!!

dense compact  thud. cud get a wee bit fancy with them, although I did hit 4 hosel rocket shankkkkkkzzzzz straight off the bat that brought a few raised eyebrows!!! 

then I found my game and hit them well.

reminded me of the kyoei mb I had a few years ago with a different grind.

id game these in a heatbeat. but  I don't think id get them  over the new masdas or older honmas.


wedges.. these are  VERY funky.. loved them the 56* in aoprticular I loved,  not got  a snap of that but its worth a peek for new wedge hunters.

 don think theseare overly cheap!








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