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bridgestone cb/mb combo test

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after a gazillion years of making so cool mbs  designs  but with HUMONGOUS squared off facs e and ENORMOUS offset pws , the tour guys (id presume) finally said   fellas , seriously............. ENOUGH I don't  wanna hit the PW into the water on the left  each pw  shot!

so the new bridgestones have NONE................ I mean NONE.... the pw is an  utter thing of beauty. 

I cudnt believe it was from B/S!

VERY out of the box design these , fat rounded sole, I mean ROUNDED, not sure what the bounce is on these but it looks a lot.

not sure if these wud be my pick for  longy mid summer!!!. but for nishi nasuno .oh my lord these wud light the place up!!!!!

THESE are the only set of bats from  ( RIP torustage)   that ive even given 1 second of a look at in 5+years.


full thick, guuuush   ( DGs200)  didn't miss a beat.

loved the feel.


didn't take any in hand snaps , ran outta time.

 but of the 4 sets I hit, these CUD prob  get the nod.

not overly sure about a mix set of cb/mb but  these wud go the closest forsure.


TOURSTA... sorry  I mena stoine bridge  is back  for irons baby!!!


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I have a set of these and the set of wedges . haven't played on the course yet but limited range time is telling me they are performers.

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they didn't look too bad to this eye...

if u have thicker fariways these will be superb im backing!

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