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FS Miura CB-2008 Irons 5-PW, Matrix Program 130 Regular Flex

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I'm selling a set of Miura CB-2008 irons. The set up is 5-pw, currently shafted with Matrix Program 130 Shafts and gripped with CP2 grips. The 5 iron has been soft stepped once for a slightly whippier action. The 5 iron is 38" long with half inch increments down to the 9 iron (36"). The pw is 35.75". These things are in excellent shape. Just minimal wear from a handful of trips to the range and sitting in the bag. No actual rounds.

The shafts weren't bought as a set. They were bought as singles, which is why some of them have "R" and some don't. There were a few that weren't available for the given iron, so I purchased a longer iron shaft and tip trimmed the appropriate amount for the iron. Since these shafts have a high balance point, each were tip weighted to achieve a swing weight of d1-d3.

Looking for sold!



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