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Seattle Golf Show...

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Due to the snow that accumulated on the ground for the last 3 weeks,  I've not swung a golf club since scoring my 71.   

What perfect timing ... "Seattle Golf Show" was on this weekend at the Century Link Event Center ( Next to the Seahawks Stadium ).

Having nothing else to do,  I decided to take my two girls to kill time.  

They were giving out a few free rounds of golf for a $15 ticket so that alone was actually worth it.    

On the other hand , the show overall was really a sad golf show.... mostly a show of Golf courses and resorts in the Pacific Northwest and 

a big area for clearance golf items by the local golf shops...  

Major brands did have their testing booths.  To my surprise, Honma actually had a booth with their new TW747 series.    I got to try the 747 460 driver with the stock Vizard shaft as well the 747V forged irons.   The driver was really forgiving and had a pretty hot feel off the face.   I liked the neutral feel of the Vizard shaft was very smooth but stable.  The 747V irons looked super at address and felt soft off the face as well.  Can't wait to try the Rose Proto Blades when they are released!!  

Also had the chance to try a couple of other forged irons,   the new Srixon muscle backs (Matsuyama blades) as well as a Mizuno JPX 919 Forged. 

The new Srixon blades looked really nice at address and felt good too.  I could see myself bagging these!   The back design looked refreshed with more curvy lines compared to its predecessors.  

I was actually not too impressed with the JPX 919.   Had a thicker top line and looked a bit chunky.   Feel was a bit firmer than older Mizunos that I was accustomed to.   

I've reshafted my Shinagawa MBs last week with Modus 125s and they are ready to go but the range has been closed so I have not had the chance t hit them yet.    Maybe another few days until the range re-opens.    Oh well. 

Went to Uwajimaya supermarket omg the way home and had a late lunch at Samurai Ramen.   Hadn't been there for a long time but their Miso Ramen was pretty decent and that actually might have been the highlight of my Sunday.    Thank goodness tomorrow is a day off for Presidents Day!!  




















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It has been years since I have been to the Seattle Golf Show and it doesn't sound like I have been missing much. Good call on the noodles though, no better way to wrap up the day.

UW driving range is open and so is Puetz where you can pay a little extra to hit NXTs and get on a flightscope. Soon this snow will melt and get to play through soupy fairways. Enjoy your day off!

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