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new YONEX gear 2019

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Some sweet-looking Yonex clubs now appearing in the Shop.

Engineered for golfers with slower swing speeds, the new Royal EZONE series effortlessly add more distance to your game. By combining the latest technology and materials, this premium line of golf clubs is designed for distance. The Royal EZONE driver features Namd in the crown, which is a unique graphite that maintains its flex at higher speeds, creating snapback that launches your ball at faster ball speeds.

Features - Vertical Polish - An innovative design that eliminates traditional horizontal grooves with a vertical polish to reduce unwanted side spin for improved accuracy and increased distance.


Interesting they make these with open face angles - could have sworn most amateurs slice and not sure the open face will be a big help. Or maybe it does - never had an open-faced driver and don't want one.  Also, seems odd to me they have technology that thrives on HIGHER SPEEDS and yet the club is made for slower-swingers. I must be missing something?

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