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PRGR EGG spoon 15* MFD model.... MATRIX proto

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THIs is  prob  a double for Thors hammer.  from a  tee . I have got nothing straighter or that can  handle more.

The matrix proto is the proto to the   tp8hd .  or black tie 8m3  hd   the chaps at matrix  cant 100%  verify it bec , they don't have it in hand. so  I cant say with 100% certainty it is  but that's what they thought  so ill  leave it as a prob is... it cost me 400 usd so if that's a gauge......

80 gram  shaft

343 gram club

cond is spotless.

 this is a mini diver essentially. it  launches pretty high and no this does  NOT move laterally . its arrow straight.

One of the only US shafts ive ever enjoyed but  bec of this fact it has to go  , for I am an self admitting  JDM  all round club snob.

sorry , but alas , its  true.

serisouly tho , this is a beast. proper beast. but its no worm burner

100 mph  +   id think on this fellas.

shaft was BNTM. professionally built by Mr wizard. head is the  best off the tee   head I have hit.


$425 delivered ,tracked insured.








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