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My how things have changed.... in MB BLADES.

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Ran in to these and was almost  gobsmacked by them.

 firstly the MUSCLE in te mb is REALLY a  big muscle compared to the more  flimsy offering  gert nowadays.

 the leading edge is razor sharp. looks like u can shave with it

there is still a lot of gooseneck and the top lie it THIN>.......

looks at address is wonderful tho, face looks like a matt deep silver.

leather wraps.  shaft was flight something, didn't  pay attention to it carefully, was too enamoured by the heads!


take for instance the  latest HONMA mbs (which iLOVE  for the record!!!)

thicker top line. smaller compact  body, almost zero offset  ( love that!)  a more all over nondescript  look.

 smoother, less edgey .  way thinner sole  a more refined look.

id LOVE to design a set of mbs .

using the old thick  fat muscle  style with a rounded sole.

and a  thicker top line for increased feel . high rounded off toe , no offset to  speak of. prob in brushed matt satin.


oh these were NOT cheap  btw..... think... well...... as big as a no.  gets for a set o bats!







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