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3 iron - Need something to compliment the Kyoei Prototype MB's

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So I am finally going to get a set of the kyoei prototype mb's through Chris and the online store here, just wondering what everyone would do with regards to a 3 iron? I am actually pretty happy with the way the kyoei's are lofted with the constant 4* between the 4iron through PW, but I still need a 3 iron...I would prefer a players/athlete style cb, but need it in the 18*/19* range to fit the lofts....

anyone have any ideas? something from miura perhaps? i am open to ideas here....

maybe the 3 iron from either the new tour b x-bl combo's from bridgestone or the 3 iron from the new honma tw747v might work they are both 20* but could be bent 1* strong for sure, mabye 2 to get me to 18*

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honma are a totally diff shape to the kyoeis, masda is ur best bet

 that is closest to the shape of the  kyoeis.

if uwant an easyier to hit one , kind of in the mood if a driving iron , the srixon 945s fil that bill perfectly. will look like a Di in comparison to the set , which  isn't a bad t hing, its got the v sole and tungsten insert for launching higher.

id go that way personally


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