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Yohei Fukuda - the world's finest shoes - up for grabs!

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Gents, yesterday I seized a moment. The only store in Sweden (Europe?) that sold Yohei Fukuda ready-to-wear shoes had gone belly up. Go figure. Shopaholic as I am, I bought the three remaining pairs at half price. Half price, for those that don't know, is about $1200 per pair. The only pair I have been able to find on eBay in the past sold, used, for $1250 so it was a steal. Fukuda's bespoke shoes carry a 3 year wait list and fetch prices from $4.6 - 12k...

Now, I really don't need 3 pairs of these shoes. The size on the shoes are 7E. Translated to US sizes, that should be 8D. However, these run 0.5 larger than most other brands according to the notes I find online. Thus, they should equate to an 8.5D and that is just about perfect for me in dress shoes. (I do wear 9.5D in Nike golf shoes though, and 9D in FootJoy). I want one of the pairs so I will sell two pairs: 

First the Teal in black: https://www.thesabot.com/products/teal


And secondly the Ebony in a brown suede.



Both pairs come with lasted shoe trees and the original wooden box. I was thinking about listing them for $1250 on eBay and hope for them to reach a good bit more. But, to skip the hassle of selling on the Bay when living in Sweden, I thought I'd check with you guys here. Could even consider taking a lob wedge as a, small, partial payment 😄

So, $1200/pair net to me + actual shipping from Sweden.

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