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Finally got a  cpl of rounds in at  an old fave course, I played the back tees in what cud be called  just short of a  bloody cyclone  the second round ! 

The old wind was hurtling of  Fuji like that cartoon  Tasmanian  devil,  I was hitting  driver 3 iron or 4iron   into 1/3 of the par 4s,  let alone the par 5s, they  were   driver 14* 3w   full 52*/pw wedge!  tough days out to start, and here I was thinking a driver  9i/wedge wud be a nice  way to start , ha !!!!

Needless to say....................,

I didn't score  overly well, (78/82) even tho I hit 12 and 13   of 14 fairways over the two days  and crushed the irons , ill take  both scores to open up , esp on  the second day  when it was crazy windy , ie ball blowing off the tee kinda blowy  and day 2  i opened up with an 8  and finished with a 6!, that 81 will be  in my ,  " ill remember that day"   list,   seriously   I cant think of a better ball striking day in recent memory , EPON af tours to the rescue!!!!  My   distance wasn't bad  off the tee, not great but totally acceptable first days  back and  accuracy was  excellent, putting  was  pretty  good  too , only 2 birds over the weekend  both  on day 2 to go with that quad and triple to totally ruin the score.

 The ballstriking  ,ill  put it down to the fact my back has ben rested for 3-4 months nad im not hip sliding  anymore ,  ive basically not picked up a club really   since novemeber   so it felt brand new  ive only had a   cpl of  quick range sessions over  winter   but  really nothing  substantial   this was my  biggest  take way,   NO residual discomfort or tightness  what so ever   in my lower back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A  fact of life id been playing with for a  such long, lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng  time id accepted it as normal, and normal it  most certainly isn't!!!!!!

Long may this feeling remain   and  my post games  recovery   has been  very good too.

 Got the bug back finally!!!




the modart  14* 3w and crazy la bomba white stiff combo has completely  and utterly altered my perception of how good a combo they are.  whn u don't hit balls fro a while and u  go straight into the top shelf ur eyes pop!

going to be hard to get that out of the bag this season IF there is a rest of the  season !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Glad to hear, especially the news about your back. I pray that I'll get to that point with mine. (My Club here in CA is going under financially... We'll see if it even survives under new ownership when this virus gets through with everyone and everything...)   But... with my back, I haven't played a full round in over a year now... 

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Back out agn on course with pretty sever restrictions.

no rakes, change rooms  closed,no restarurant,no caddies, no players!

6groups out, was heaven.

took some oldies but goodies out.

epon  101 drivers, labospec tataki75xs and diamana stinger both 9.5*

syardxv15* diamana aliislei 73s

prgr idbl

prgr tr quad  forged endo japan  beauties form 2004

anyone with a spare epon head thinking of a shaft to match it with... labo is spectacular..spectacular!!!!!

used for 9holes multiple drives each.

cant bel im saying thus  but i prefered the labo!!!

lower straighter flight  path which i prefer to see.

syard was easy to hit it laucnhes high and loads of carry ,canmove it both ways and a draw gets some cheat yards chasing the  longers par5s.

idbl irons....ns2g18s shafts. Forgot  how  nice these are to hit but took me a while to get re aquanted to the size of them

they are not buter soft they have some crispness to them but dead centre u cant feel a thing.

Ive been using mb only for2 seasons now so everything not mb looks huge in comparison, these looked  big to my eye. Which is weird bec they most assureadly are not!

zero offset to speak of,flat sole to the ground and a rounded sqaure high toe that gives just a hint of workability, the shots  i messed up were the ones i was trying to shape a lot like a MB but cudnt get them to do it as much.

when i went tiny block fade tiny baby draw they were sensational and  point shoot and use the trajectory as the working these were awsome.


Wedges were so nice ,not played these in5yrs, NS st X  in then  so a bit light and flighty for my taste, but they grip and sing like the best , these were the pinacle of wedges way back when quad forged by endo japan nit many can say that, nice look plainjnae style great feel off the face slightly,workble and versatlie but like the irons  better suited for flight control.


funny thing im not sure  i can go back to non mbs any more the heads just look BIG.

good day tho 38/41 nothing great , except for the drivers i killed it with them

great to be back out again hitting some balls.

that epon labo is akeeper!









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