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MODART 19* utility head


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very sleek / stealthy  , quality absolute  top of the range  here , it dont get any higher.

 if  you play on   shorter   grased,  firmer  conditions   like  sandbelt   courses,  links,    hawaii , desert style ,arizona   etc  ,  in winter  especially! , the    modart  fw range   are  absolutley  lights out ,   the shape is so  perfectly matched for this  its unreal 
they sit so well at address  ,  one can see any shape  one  needs, laucnh is mid to higher   but its not  a super high  launch u get a fair bit of roll with them as well.

the UTE  is a higher launch 19*  , i had it with a crazy  ut  shaft   to keep it down a tad and  that worked well . this   wud be just as good , actually i think might be better sutied to a steel  shaft, even a  DG200 ,  NS 950 s/x   shaft, it wont be dulled   by steel at all.

the ute is all about the head shape, i much prefer a  lot chunkier ute hence its sale. theres no way ur going  to hit a piece that feels/sounds better, just not gonna happen.

fw heads  $ 175 each  
ute head  $ 150


$500  for all 3 delieverd 
















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