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PR-GR eggs 18* + 16.5* fairway woods + STINGER/FIRE EXPRESS

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--Original 5w with the mother of all fw shafts  ............END oF CHAT.

--71 x diamana stinger.

This combo of head/ shaft is simply and without question, the best match EVER. this goes miles  for an 18*  it plays more like a 16.5*/17*

cond is GAMER... its a proper gamer. face is  spot on.

--100mph+  SS  will activate this the most  and it  will handle anything above that, BUT heres the kicker .. as its 18* and normally  launches  sky high with the original shaft  this one is  playable by normal  swing speed  players , the  FULL boron  shaft tipped an inch to counter that ballooning  and sideways meandering..............  makes it playable to  nearly all , it will just go much  lower  than u  wud expect from and 18* and u will get cheat miles from  its run  its an antidote for  3 wood blues . My buddy uses it a lot and hes early/mid  90s SS.  he gets raking lower missiles  that run a ton  says its ,1 thousand times easier ot hit than a 3w and he gets the same kind of flight and distance  but. hes such a tight bastard he wont buy it  so Im  selling it  as  I now  play a 16.5* mid/high loft fw  to go with the  low 14* 3w.

For my course. this  club is now  not the best suited to what I need  so  someone else can enjoy its awsomeness


$275 delivered.




16.5*    60*   lie     square f/a     Built by my club builder from scratch.

I designed  this  build to be an easier to hit LOFTED  4wood with   the FEX driver shaft NOT fw shaft  to give me a 1 wood bag  with a lower flight than a normal 16.5*. which it does with aplomb

I wanted to be able   to use  it  from a tee for  some great carry but also  to use from fairway  and keep it a bit lower  and a bit  more forgivenss  from  the 16.5* loft.

this is a success.

equally at home from the tee as from  the fairway.

antileft ,   forgiving, punishing  lower flighted 3 or 4 fw for the stronger player looking for  THE most versatile fw there is,  well, this is it!


maraging steel  face   SUS630 body  + tungsten sole.

quadra fire  p express 90t shaft 75xs flex

$ 275  delivered   price


both for  $500 delivered













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yes withA head cover

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fresh meat for the grinder... 18*  stinger added above

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