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Been using my Benock blade putter for most of the season but wanted to try something a bit more forgiving,  still made of solid one piece 303 or Carbon Steel.  Have tried many polymer insert type mallets like Odysseys in the past but always came back to one piece putters.  

After trying an Epon Fortune and a Betti QB8, I picked up a beat up Evnroll ER2 Black and had it refinished in Raw Matte at Labworx.   They did a great job making my putter look brand new again!!   I've fallen in love the understated monotone look that is all business!!   Check it out!!

I've regripped with a Gravity Grip which is similar in terms of shape/profile as a Flat Cat grip.  This grip fits my hands really well.  Seems to help produce very repeatable putts!!  I feel like my putting ability has instantly improved significantly.







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Thanks Dean!!   The only thing I am still trying to get used to is the softer feel at impact.  I'm more accustomed to firmer feel at impact.  With the Evnroll I feel like I need to give it a longer stroke to get the ball to the hole.  With the Benock, the ball comes off the face a bit quicker.    Weight wise, the ER2 is 355g vs the 347g for the Benock.   total putter weight differs by about 100g due to the heavy Gravity Grip on the ER2.  

 My initial assessment is that perhaps I would use the lighter Benock on slower greens and the heavier Evnroll on faster greens during the Summer.    I am pretty impressed with the Gravity Grip which really helps to let you know where the face is directed.   The 80g steel rod they have in the grip seems to be part of the equation for producing a more consistent stroke.   

I'm also getting my Seven Sandvik VS-R refinished and face milled.  Originally sent it to Labworx but they thought that the head was nickel plated when in fact it was just polished.... since they don't do plating at Labworx, they did not proceed with the face milling.   I resent the head to NorCal putters to get it face milled with a raw matte finish.  It'll have a similar look as the ER2.  I should have it back before Christmas.    


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Yeah the look is awesome really like it., the er2 is one of the best they do imo.

the evnroll gets a bit of a muted feel as there isn’t really a sweet spot because the whole milled area comes off much the same.once your use to it it’s great.

I got offered one yesterday to buy I may end up grabbing it yours has inspired me to get a finish done on one. 👍

did they bead blast the head to get that look?

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Labworx does the original black finish for Evnroll.  The raw finish is really their prepping step before the black painted finish goes on.  I believe it is some type of fine bead blasting.  

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