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Benock/Dogatti, Epon Zen, Grandista/Loop GK

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So, I'm keen on getting some new irons this season, as pretty much every season, except for when playing Yamaha Tourmodel 2009. To release some cash, I though I'd see if you guys have any interest in some of the stuff I have to offer. I will not separate heads from shafts as I don't fiddle with it myself and my builder is expensive and far away.

1. First out is a 9/10 set of EPON Personal 3 with Oban CT-115. ALL $OLD

2. Then I thought I'd bring the first Benock out. It is the Pantaleone in pretty much new condition. Still has the plastic on the sole. It has a much coveted, Dogatti PT135 shaft in it. Feel is amazing - not buttery soft, partly due to the very firm shaft and thin grip, but very rewarding. Shaft is 235 USD (if you can find one) and putter 1400 USD. 900 USD.

3. Then another Benock, the Arco center shafted putter with a UST Frequency Filtered shaft. I can't tell any difference, besides the fine milling on the sole, between this and the 2500 USD Benock/Seven Arco that's in the pro shop. Used but in great condition. 750 USD.

4. Back to EPON and the Zen. It needs no introduction here. This is 1/300. Very good condition without any dings, besides the obvious ones on the flange :-). The grip is done - a white Gripmaster that has seen its best days. The headcover is not in great shape either. I see only one other available online now, used as well, offered at 1000 GBP (1200 USD). I figure 50 % of that should be good. 600 USD. PENDING

5. Fujimoto Gikoh wedges SOLD locally

6. Yamada Heritage V3 SOLD locally

7. Onoff Kuro 2015 5-P SOLD locally

8. Grandista RS-D 9° with Loop GK in sx-flex. 45". Plays like a standard stiff to me. Awesome driver that I hit off a tee or off the deck. 350 USD.

Also have some other nice stuff such as a Circle T Kombi used on DP World Tour by a Swedish player; two different Kronos putters; Bettinardi Inovai etc


I'm often up for trading but not so much this time. Perhaps if you had a new Baldo 60° wedge or a Tensei Orange 1K 50x shaft laying around. When it comes to offers, sure, but put them in a PM and have in mind that what you're looking at is top notch and in great shape. Please don't lowball me. 
















































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Epon P3’s are sold.

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  • bngolfer changed the title to Benock/Dogatti, Epon Zen, Grandista/Loop GK

Onoff Kuro, Fujimoto wedges and Yamada putter sold locally

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