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  1. Landy


    Ok thank you
  2. Landy


    Hello is this head hi cor? Thank you
  3. Hello - Looking for a set of Titleist AP1 Forged i.e. Korean version. Would like 4-AW but will take 4-PW. Please PM me thank you
  4. Landy

    The New Bridgestone Tour-B Series Golf Clubs

    The XCB irons remind me of the Srixon 506s
  5. Landy

    REONESS RD101 Driver

    Open to shafts, just looking for plain distance for a smooth swinger in the 85-90mph swing speed. Thank you
  6. Landy

    REONESS RD101 Driver

    Thank you Doesn't sound as if it's a distance driver. Like most looking for distance. Thanks again
  7. Hello - Has anyone played or demoed the REONESS RD101 driver? Either the red or yellow. Looking into the yellow Hi-Cor. Thank you
  8. Landy

    Modart MA01DS Driver

    Has anyone played it yet? Also where can you get the extra adaptors to change shafts? Thank you
  9. Landy

    Trpx S-013 loft 10

    Oh I forgot to ask, do you have weights and tool? Thank you
  10. Landy

    Trpx S-013 loft 10

    Hello - How much for the head? Thank you
  11. Was looking at the Leggero and Zaffiro shaft. Since they are from Japan will these play weak to flex for us in the USA? Has anyone played anyone of thee? Looking for feedback. I swing smooth and about 88mph. Play the Rombax 5x07 and the 5z08 both in R Flex Thank you
  12. Hello do you still have it? Please PM me if you do thank you
  13. Any updates on the TRPX? Thank you
  14. Any one else try the TRPX lately?