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  1. Domo! oldies but goodies: wish i kept them maru wedges... I sold them to a member on TSG over 5 years ago, can't for the life of me remember the name. I know he is in Aberdeen. If you still out there pal, hit me up!
  2. Missed you all... I'm back from back injury, wow it feels good to get out in the sun and hit the water.
  3. Hi gang, AFK since 2016. Looking fwd to meeting you all. Peace Changman
  4. I've been away from the forums for some time, but have taken interest in these shafts. Anyone know how they compare to the old 1150gh tours? I assume the modus line is an upgrade from the GH tours?
  5. D- Alot have mixed results w/LB. I like it, helped me hit the ball farther. FAT- Thx for the compliment. Note- i noticed you have clubes prepped by G! Nice!
  6. Haven't golf in a year. Finally going back! No leaderboard =( gotta get another...
  7. A while ago i built this rig, and haven't powered her on for over 8 months. I finally turned it on and started the endcoding again! OMG security patches! 8 months worth god.... ugh Full 100% load never goes over 48c I average about 11c on cpu and mobo loop Vid card ave is about 32c 44c highest under load I remember Tario asking to post some pics... So here we go...
  8. Just picked up a Tour 9* RBZ from Roots and Relics. I'll try out the stock shaft for now... might have to put my 9003s in it, if i can't make it work. How do you guys feel about TM's stock TPHD6 shaft? *Sorry for hjacking ur thread>
  9. Yes Stevo and Duff are right. Folding is like SETI, but for Standford College and protien folding research,... My grandfather passed away from cystic fibrosis and Aunt from leukemia. My grandmother suffers from dementia, Much of my family has contracted some from of cancer, and I have a great aunt right now w/Alzheimers; so this is my way of contributing. Here is an old video:
  10. Its kinda outdated, but I'm a folder.. and on the EVGA classified team. Overclocking etc etc.. In 2010 we won the folding championship which allowed us to claim rights to the golden monkey of 2010. Thats my folding ID and points per min.
  11. I've always been a Honda Fan, from the from the old championship bikes to the hybrid insight... My highschool car was a "hand-me-down" 92 civic hatchback from an uncle. Growing up w/expensive gas, I've always prefered the small motors or compact sports cars to large v8s,... So at my first chance, I bought my first car Brand New from Honda in Aug 07. She is 4.5 years old and only used about once a month for weekend drives. I hope honda decides to release another rear wheel drive car in the future for the affordable market. All Stock No upgrades. I hope to be driving this car 30 years from now.... =)
  12. Just wanted to say Hi to fellow TSGers. I've been away for awhile.... all work and no play... the forum looks great!
  13. My Leaderboard officially broke. One of the hinges plastic=broke on the rails. I'm gonna fix it w/a door hinge. T
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