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  1. Hey KCS217 Let me know what you think of the Crazy SBi-02s if you go that route...I'm dying to get a set, but not quite ready to pull the trigger. Thanks
  2. TK3

    cleaning the closet Yonex NanoV

    Dr S., Received the Modus3 shafts - excellent condition - very happy. Cheers, TK
  3. Hi, Interested in buying a set of Crazy SBi-02 irons. Thanks TK
  4. Thanks guys, I love my VG3s, but as Ian-500 said, they look fantastic, just waiting to be hit! Maybe one day a set will appear on B/S/T... Cheers to all, TK
  5. Happy New Year to all my fellow TSGers! I currently play the 2016 Titleist VG3 irons shafted with Nippon N.S. Pro Modus 3 shafts. Love everything about them. However, I have always been drawn to the CRAZY SBi-02 Blade irons. I don't know what it is, but I think they are beautiful. Has anyone had the chance to hit these? Any reviews or thoughts on these beautiful irons would be greatly appreciated. Cheers TK
  6. All 3 cars are winners in my book - and so are you for having to make a choice! I think the Porsche looks best, but the Audi seems to be bigger - and isn't that why we look for an Wagon? Oh, and the Audi being an RS is just incredible too. Drive safe and enjoy TK
  7. Our: Komondor Lola - Dachshund Roxie - Dachshund Dindy - Labradoodle Unfortunately, last month we lost our beloved Dindy to Cancer and Lola to Kidney failure...😫
  8. TK3

    sold---thanks TSG

    I have the same set and just love them. GLWS bro
  9. TK3

    Really nice shafts for sale

    HaHa - loved your intro...🤣 Great shafts @ great prices GLWS Bro
  10. Go ahead - make my day with an offer! Hey guys, I am selling my TaylorMade M1 Driver HEAD + head cover only, in really good condition. Face shows very little wear. The top of the crown has a small mark (see photo). Overall in very good condition - I’d rate this 8/10. Comes with M1 head cover. Sorry for the dirt - just finished playing. This is a bomber...Asking SOLD with free shipping anywhere in the USA. International - email me and we'll talk. No worries here Mates - Let me know if you have any questions, Cheers, TK
  11. TK3


    Hi DB2, Not sure if you are only looking for JDM drivers, but I am selling my TaylorMade M1 - head only + head cover + wrench. Asking $120 shipped anywhere in the USA. Let me know if you want me to post some pics. Cheers
  12. TK3

    Jbeam 435 Blackout 10.5* w Atmos Red 5 S

    Hi Mate, Willing to sell the shaft only? If not - no worries - GLWS TK
  13. Hi guys, Thanks to all who chimed in with their thoughts on the Longest 3 Wood out there. So, of course, the next topic is... LONGEST DRIVER / DRIVER /Shaft COMBO In my mind - and from what I've read on these posts - The RYOMA is King. Is it time to dethrone the King?? Please include the driver heads that are above the .083 COR. Heck, why don't we make 2 Comments - 1 for legal COR and 1 for those that exceed the legal COR. Should be interesting. Cheers TK3