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  1. I have the VG3s and I must say, they are awesome. Long & Forgiving. Shafted with the Nippon Modus3 Tour 125. Will be in my bag for a long time.
  2. TK3

    Ryoma F3

    I play the Ping G400 MAX. Hands down the best driver I have ever hit - and I have hit a bunch of them... Long, hot, forgiving and just sets up so nice - it instills confidence that the ball will go exactly where you're aiming. BTW, you ought to put the GD AD-F shaft in your F3. It will be your bomber club...?
  3. Man, wish I could join you guys @ CB. Played there once just when it opened and loved it. If any TSGers are ever in the Midwest, give me a call and we'll go and hit the links. One last note, I play the G400 Max and it is by far the best driver I have ever played. And yes, I think it beats the Ryoma. Could be wrong, but for me, it just flat out performs. Cheers, TK
  4. TK3

    Ryoma F3

    BTW, I pronounce it rye-O-ma ?
  5. TK3

    Ryoma F3

    The BYP shaft is great IF you have a smooth swing and around 85-95mph. Anything more than that, I find the shaft becomes too whippy. No doubt it WILL perform for the right player. However, I reshafted my F3 and now, it is the bomber I dreamed about.
  6. Lowered to $170. Shaft is just sitting in my garage...Come on guys! ? Offers?
  7. Hi guys, Up for sale is a Ryoma Beyond Power shaft - Infinity Flex. I had this on my F3, but it wasn't working with my swing. I re-shafted Ryoma head and listing the shaft. This is an authentic BP Infinity Flex shaft with the Ryoma grip. I will post a picture of the tip tomorrow. It was professionally removed and in perfect condition. Great feeling shaft with a huge kick upon impact. As an ex athlete, I have a very aggressive transition and the shaft was to whippy for me. If you have a smooth swing and your SS is between 85-100, this will do wonders as your FW shaft. Asking $195 $170 with free ship anywhere in the USA. International, PM me and we'll talk. Let me know if you have any questions, Cheers, TK
  8. Re-shafting and keeping the Ryoma F3 head. Look for Beyond Power Infinity shaft for sale on this site soon.
  9. After talking to a couple of experts in the JDM field, I have lowered the price to $375 shipped.
  10. Hi guys, I hate putting this up for sale, but unfortunately, the shaft does not fit my swing. I bought this Ryoma F3 here on BST from a fellow TSGer and was told the Beyond Power Infinity Shaft would hold up to my ex-hockey player swing. The club is awesome - forgiving, feel is incredible and distance is, well, pure Ryoma. But the shaft feels too whippy for me. I emailed Chris @ TSG and he confirmed that BP shaft was not meant for me. His exact words were " I don't think you should play that shaft with a 105mph hockey based swing". So my loss is someone else's gain. I could remove the shaft and try an aftermarket, but this head + this shaft were meant to be together for the right player. As you can see from the pictures, club is in excellent condition, I hit about a dozen balls on the range and that's it. Comes with perfect Ryoma head cover. New on TSG is over $900. PM me an offer I can't refuse. $425 $375 with free shipping anywhere in the USA. International PM me and we'll talk.
  11. The Ross Bridge Course in Birmingham, AL (part of the RTJ Trail) plays at over 8000 yards from the tips @ an elevation of 643 ft. Fantastic course - always fun to play. From the right tees...?️‍♂️
  12. Hey KCS217 Let me know what you think of the Crazy SBi-02s if you go that route...I'm dying to get a set, but not quite ready to pull the trigger. Thanks
  13. Dr S., Received the Modus3 shafts - excellent condition - very happy. Cheers, TK
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