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    taylormade 430, onoff 3wood, epon 302 irons onoff ut pscor wedges, tp mills.
  1. looking for honma vizard 55 ea reg or sr shaft
  2. Hi do you still have the head?
  3. Hi Spoon are these .355 tapered
  4. Hi if u still have the rombax Iron shafts I will take them I live in Australia so can u give me the total cost to me. thanks
  5. Hi Guys, looking for oban purple 4 (stiff)hybrid shaft for on off 21 deg wings. thanks.
  6. how does$ 200 aud shipped to Melbourne sound?
  7. looking for shaft for tm 430, s or sr with sleeve.
  8. I mean for the shaft
  9. ok so how much to australia?
  10. Hi if you still have the rom ax 953wood shaft I will take it. Thanks
  11. Hi, what price 5to pw? thanks
  12. do u have the ferrules for these?
  13. will that be 750 us posted to me in AUSTRALIA ?
  14. Hi all,,just a shor report on my new sldr 430. 11 deg standard shaft. what a bomber, this is a serious driver, once I got the right setting it performed very very well. excellent trajectory. and runout. best driver ever in my bag. highly recommended. thanks Tatsuro.