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  1. RIduffer

    Backline grip question

    Usually back line with the free option means there is no back line in the grip. You know, that reminds you how to grip the club. The aerobic option refers to the back line being present.
  2. RIduffer

    Epon iron set

    I have an AF Tour set head only if you'd like...
  3. RIduffer

    Rubber grips - your favourite?

    I am in a similar climate to you, at least part of the year, and the humidity has no impact on either the GripMaster leather or the Elite grips that I have used...
  4. RIduffer

    Rubber grips - your favourite?

    I have not tried the Masda grips. When I had tried Iomic, there were issues with sizing consistency from grip to grip. Also, I found them a little too soft for me and did not do that well with moisture. My time with no1 is very limited since I tried and liked the Elites...
  5. RIduffer

    Rubber grips - your favourite?

    I still have a set with leather wrap style grips along with a few drivers. I have largely switched over to Elite grips, unless I am just testing a club in which case the cheapest grip I can install usually gets the nod...
  6. RIduffer

    Elite grips

    Custom turned Balance Certified weights, so brass...
  7. RIduffer

    Elite grips

    I use a 44g weight under the grip on my irons. The max I have been able to achieve with their end cap is 14g before it gets too large... Hence the request for a metal one.
  8. RIduffer

    Elite grips

    I concur with Hutch and Ash on the Elite Grips. I use the A50 or A50 Star. The Star are cheaper, but don't offer the WCS option. I would love to see a heavier plug and have also tried to get CAD drawings of it to have some made but as of yet am unsuccessful. In many cases the difference between models has to do with the color options and the pattern of the grip. Other differences have to do thickness. The detail on the site usually has measurements and good images to base your pattern choice on.
  9. RIduffer

    Roddio Meister Series Miura vs Zodia MB

    They are very good
  10. RIduffer

    A-grind blade heads 4-pw

    How much if I don't want the shafts?
  11. RIduffer

    New paint on my 3w :)

    I'd be hitting everything heel side trying to pocket the ball...
  12. Gotta be shaft and swing related... I have the 945 set up with a set of Diamana Thump shafts. Pure arch, not piercing in anyway. Extremely stable flight non the less, much like my Yam Tours '13 were with the same shafts. Very accurate and pretty long to boot. Also, definitely get that smash feel with these. Great set of forgiving blades in the 945s. I would agree they do not give that sense of fear/demand concentration that the TS909/Miura BB/Compact Blade of choice at address and as such do not impart that same feeling of reward for having delivered a quality stroke to the ball and made it do what you want.
  13. RIduffer

    Back to blades..

    Blades almost all the way... 5-P no brainer... I have started playing 3&4 irons as MC or CB just because the bad shots are not as penalized. I frequently play my long irons off the tee on several holes on my home course, with a couple being forced carries. The CB or MC, while not hitting better than my MB, are not as punished distance wise on the occasional thinned stroke. Not as concerned with pinpoint accuracy on those shots so the trade-off is worth it. Overall I do agree with the sentiment that you won't hit one more middled than the other if they are built right, it is just the punishment when you don't that drives people to the CBs...
  14. RIduffer


    You have a price on the 703s?
  15. RIduffer

    Tourstage Limited

    I don't have enough experience with the Srixon yet to say...