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  1. Chris,

    What's with the crazy slashed prices on the Itobori wedges?

    1. shoutout33


      Nevermind Chris, I found your reason why in one of the threads...damn.


  2. shoutout33

    F**k Cancer - an update on TourSpecGolfer

    Just now finding this Chris. Very late post, but I hope things are better. Family will be in my prayers.
  3. shoutout33

    New Gold's Option

    Thanks Cforselius!
  4. shoutout33

    New Gold's Option

    Chris, When you say you like "fit face", are you referring to Bettinardi's F.I.T. (Feel Impact Technology) face? These seems very similar to it. I really would like to get one of Gold Factory's putters, but I like flow neck and Bettinardi's FCB type putters. Can he do a flow neck in place of the plumber's necks?
  5. shoutout33

    SICK SICK set of Buchi VS200's!

    Chris mentioned this in his initial post, but now that I think about it, they'd probably be graphite iron shafts. my bad for misunderstanding Chris.
  6. shoutout33

    Mizuno MP-54 is similar to...

    Yes nobmontana, I am referring to the 54's. The H5's are just too big for me.
  7. what? I know Mizuno is a damn good golf club, but if I'm gonna spend about $1000 on a set, I started to think, should I really limit my options since I know about TSG? The place where I would be buy them, I've already made a verbal agreement, but I always by hats, gloves, balls, etc. from there. I will also be taking lessons as well. They have JDM stuff: Honma, OnOFF, Miura, and others, but I think TSG's prices are a little better. Not 100% sure. With that being said, I really wanted the MP-25's, but after putting marking tape and hitting the faces of these and the HP-54's with Nippons 1150GH (hope I said that right...), I left better markings with the 54's....damn! >:( Anywho, per the subject box, what JDM line is similar (if that's possible), to the HP-54's. I really like the look of the Buchi VS200 (I really just like the sheep logo. :p), but it's out of my price range and I think its listed as a muscle cavity back....right? The Bridgestone's look really nice too. (Could see doing a combo set with these. Also, I've always had a soft spot for the Muziik's too. (Can't remember what you said about them though Chris. Can't find the message.) Any way fellas, any help here would be greatly appreciated. As much as I want to play blades, even with me taking lessons, I realize that I should look for a players game improvement iron set. Thanks. Daris 2016 PS I may still try and do heads only, because the guy (Evan Sturdivant @ Club Champion Golf/ Rockville, MD) that put together my last set was a beast!!! He's working at this location now, so I don't know how this'll work. In other words, if I get fitted by him again, do I have to buy clubs from them.
  8. shoutout33

    SICK SICK set of Buchi VS200's!

    Seven Dreamers makes steel shafts!!!!! How long have they been doing this!? Also, I'm with needmoregolf, how much?
  9. shoutout33

    Crazy SBi-02 Blades in Satin

    You just refuse to have me give up on hitting blades huh Chris. :p
  10. shoutout33

    What come close to Seven Dreamers shaft's

    This is true Vegaman, but aren't there, from your experiences, some really good shafts out there without SD's bells and whistles?
  11. shoutout33

    What come close to Seven Dreamers shaft's

    Had health and money issues, but that will be changing this year...I hope. Also, as I mentioned earlier, even if I had the money, I'm rough with my gear. I don't sling it around or throw my clubs if I make a bad shot, but I remember someone saying on the forums that JP gear, especially the shafts, require more care than stuff made in the states. Hope i"m remembering this right. Besides, it was hypothetical as well.
  12. shoutout33

    Buchi VS200 MB Irons

    So are these more or less forgiving than Buchi's 2014 Global Edition CB's?
  13. shoutout33

    What come close to Seven Dreamers shaft's

    What's up Supo!!! :) Well, although I had my gear over a year, I've only played once. Here are the shafts I have that I copied from the receipt got from Golfworks. It includes my iron shafts too. (Don't laugh...): 1 AS0024 S 54.99 54.99 AXE XCALIBER TOUR T6+ WOOD SHAFT 1 AS0021 S 29.99 29.99 AXE XCALIBER GRAPHITE FW SHAFT 1 AS0027 S 32.99 32.99 AXE XCALIBER TOUR HYBRID SHAFT 3 PUREIN RH 15.50 46.50 INDIVIDUAL SHAFT PUREING NEW IN STOCK 1 LK0087Z BLK 34.14 34.14 R.E.L. 3GEN OVSZ 600 RND BUY 6 GET 6 12 LK0087 BLK .00 .00 LK R.E.L. 3GEN OVERSIZE 600 RND GRIP 1 LK0087 BLK 2.99 2.99 LK R.E.L. 3GEN OVERSIZE 600 RND GRIP Qty Item Description Cost Ext Cost 7 FS0015 S/X 9.99 69.93 FST PRO 125 STEPLESS .370 STEEL IRN SHFT I am proud and happy with this set, but I am slowly working on getting the MP-25's. After hitting them, I realized I like Nippon's N.S. PRO 1150GH shafts. I will more than likely use the R.E.L. Gens from Lampkin again, but not sure. Can't remember what I was fitted for, but I know the reason I didn't get them was because of price. For what they are and do, Xcaliber has some really nice shafts.
  14. shoutout33

    putter shaft envy.. carbon VS steel

    For me, since I love flow neck putters, I can't use graphite shafts. I only have one putter which is my Bettinardi Studio #11, and I had it custom built with a UST frequency shaft and Super Stroke Fatso 5.0 putter grip. I have received nothing but wow's about this putter when I let folks try it.
  15. Ok. I understand (not 100%) why Seven Dreamer's shafts, cost the pretty that they do and what you are paying for at each level. With that being said, if I didn't want to go that route, but still get a nice high-end performance shaft from Japan, that was a strong second choice what would it be? Mind you, realistically, if I had the money to spend, not sure I'd go SD's route because I am a bit rough with my gear. It stays in my car because I don't have space for them yet. I'm asking this because I'm very surprised that they are still making shafts for these prices after being away from the forums for a while now. Mabey I shouldn't be, but I am. Hell, I'm tripping that Epon is no longer on TSG's website!!!! Plus, SD is selling a $10,000 golf bag?!?! I'm crying trying to get a $500-$600 WinWin Style bag! LOL! Seriously, if you can't bite the bullet on SD's shafts, what else would be the next in line as far as tech and innovation.