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  1. Sorry guys I have to put this sale on-hold until further notice. Thanks everyone for your kind offers and inquiries...as well as owners feedback!
  2. Thanks Nob! piece of cake for you to own a set?
  3. I think its polished. shiny except the face & back where seven is printed.
  4. This is probably the first Seven MCB iron set posted for sale. I bought this set from Chris early this year but haven't actually played them I only hit the 8 & 6 irons at the driving range in my backyard - so elegant and has soft satisfying feeling. Specs: Seven MCB 5-PW 1.5* stronger loft 1.5* flatter lie Fujikura MCI 80BK R flex XROZ Tour Black D2 swing weight Based on 5 iron length 38.25” inch This set will cost you $3,000.00 if you order online. Price is negotiable, so PM me if interested. Reviews:
  5. I haven’t hit the tsubame, only the spy-1 wedges.. they are awesome!
  6. That’s disappointing news. What actually you didn’t like with them.
  7. a must try for 2018. I’m curious if the iron is as good as their wedges
  8. Just saw the Metal Factory J1 & J2 iron in the TSG online store. They look really nice - anyone playing them? Interested on your feedback.
  9. I agree with Chris. The profile of both head & shaft should match your swing. I had a Ryoma driver before but the distance was shorter compared to my current driver.
  10. CRAZY STP UT tops JDM utility shaft for me. Nice feel, easy, and accurate. Its a magic UT shaft. Other shafts that performs very well are Basileus utility and TRPX UT shafts
  11. I'm enjoying both my 2 Epon sets 302/Personal 2.
  12. Driver : JBEAM ZY-11 + Basileus AAA 2016 Fairway: Ryoma F3 2017 + Fujikura Evo III Hybrid: TRPX UT + Crazy STP Utility Iron: Epon Personal 2 + Crazy Longest Yard Wedges: Crazy CC-B104 + KBS Rev 2.0 Putter: Scotty Red X3
  13. There are so many awesome wedges, my 2 favorites are: Crazy CC-B104 CGS Orion
  14. This is arguably the best performing driver for me in terms of distance and ease of use. However, spin rate and trajectory are crucial to get the best performance out of this driver. My swing speed is 95mph at best, I have been using Ryoma Maxima since last year and love everything about it. But just recently I've been hitting this driver really high and have been short to about 10-20 meters from my usual distance. I was trying to say is that If you can hit this driver with proper launch angle and spin rate - could be the best performing driver in my opinion.
  15. Very nice bag Sir! The 302's did you get TSG club works refinished them?
  16. Just got the Ryoma latest model. Surprisingly, I could fade/draw the ball but mostly straight - could be the shaft? It has Fujikura Evo III. I haven't tried the Crazy Titan FW but the Ryoma is probably the best fwy I've hit to date.
  17. gian11


    Hi Guys, I have forgotten this post, head getting dust. Still available and price reduced ...if you are interested pm me. Trade interest Epon AF-153, preferably 9.5 degree...
  18. Not much talk about Honma here. I switched to their more forgiving iron set IS-05. Glad I did couldn't be more happier.
  19. gian11


    Anyone interested to try the 2016 Ryoma Maxima Type D-1, please pm me. 10.5* 196.5 Head cover Sign of normal use but in very good condition. A bit high for my swing so I have ordered 9.5* from TSG. I love this head. $500.00 $450.00 SHIPPED, NET to me.
  20. you are a true legend Sir! great head guys, good luck with sale.
  21. someone has to pick this up....otherwise I'll sell my bike and buy these.
  22. Wishing your father speed recovery and good health I understand your predicament I'm a survivor myself.
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