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  1. Updated pricing for the new year! 1. Labospec RB247G 4-PW head only Sold 2. Zodia Z921 CC driver head only These heads were just released August 2017. 10.3deg, 203g, neutral face angle Carbon Crown Construction with SP 700 face material Trajectory is more like your typical 9 deg head due to low spin. Sound and feel are one of the best I have tried. 9.5/10 condition with only one range session. Looks new. Wouldn't mind playing these at all but my Modart MA01D+R is working really well for me now. Comes with head cover in near new condition. $375 + actual shipping 3. Mizuno MP Craft 2014 driver / Kurokage Prototype 2013 60 Stiff 8.5/10 condition This is the last "MP Craft" model driver that Mizuno came out with. The current MP Type 1 and Type 2 driver are not as refined as these. Signature Mizuno feel and sound. Such a smooth combo with the Kurokage TiNi Proto. 9.5 deg 45.5" D2 / Comes with original headcover in excellent condition $225 + actual shipping
  2. Monaco stiff shafts only

    I bet these feel dreamy!! wonderful combo! GLWS
  3. Benock World White Dragon Putter - Base Model

    I feel this is a putter type missing from my arsenal. A center shafted wide blade! The hitting area looks nice and thick which I prefer because it usually means softer & denser feel.
  4. New Orion Irons

    https://ameblo.jp/golf-detective-maeda/entry-12337643039.html I kinda liked the previous Tsubame x Orion irons. These new ones somewhat have design resemblance of the Seven CBs.
  5. CB-1008 with many custom grinds

    Are these all done thru the available options offered thru their Miura Craftman World program? That is a good looking iron!
  6. New Orion Irons

    I’d add the Masda Fast Muscle Back in that list.
  7. Updated pricing for the new year!
  8. Callaway Epic Forged driver

    Now that the global model Rogue will be released next week, I am now wondering if Callaway Japan will also do a Rogue Forged Driver? Rogue looks to be a bit more forgiving in general compared to the Epic.
  9. Putting Aids

    I had the Yamada one for a while.... the one issue I had with that trainer was the fact that it forced you to stroke in an actual straight stroke. Unless you have a lie angle of 90 deg, making a natural stroke with a putter with 70 deg lie angle should inevitably result in a slight arc movement. The Yamada trainer unfortunately does not take that into account. Still, I do think the DVD that came with the trainer provided some good thoughts about putting posture and rhythm. Also read Yamada's biography book that came with the trainer pretty interesting. :) I currently have a Ryoma "Umakunaru Cup" ( Umakunaru means "Will Improve you" ) https://www.ryomagolf.co.jp/webshop/index.php?_page2=detail&c=04&i=0017 - The size of the cup itself is 10% smaller than a real hole. - The side slope forces you to aim at the middle of the cup. - The shallow cup profile forces you to putt with just the right speed. If too weak , the ball will deflect to the side , if too strong the ball will come right out of the back side. Simple yet very effective in my opinion. Currently, I am really wanting to try the Pelz putting tutor that Matsuyama uses.
  10. Miura Giken's New HAYATE Driver

    I would be hesitant to pay almost double a Geotech head just for the "MIura" logo on it.
  11. Tyson Lamb

    I think many of us here are biased towards JDM equipment to start with. That said, I love my Benock because it was milled to my specs. Essentially, there is a CNC program at Benock which is unique to my specific putter. That's pretty cool if you think about it that way.
  12. VA Composites

    For the price, I'd feel safer going with a Fujikura, Mitsubishi or GD.
  13. The Very First SEVEN Fake Golf Clubs from China!

    Wow!! just wow! What that means is that some of the fake club manufacturers guys are actually golf club enthusiasts like us? This is amazing!! well.. in a different sense.
  14. These Mizuno Pro 118 have copper under lay and these are only sold thru Mizuno Pro fitters shops in Japan. It's their "in shop only" sales method that they started this year. Thus, they do not produce them for off the rack retail. Global retail model is MP -18 and I do not believe those have copper under lay.
  15. MyGolfSpy Japan & Korea

    One of my playing friends in Montana was trying to get MGS to write a review on a putting aid product that he invented and productized. The response he got was they can only do reviews for their sponsors..... or something along those lines. As for MGS Japan website, it says that Golf Partner will be managing the Japanese site. Golf Partner, as many here know, is a big franchise in buying & selling used golf equipment. Funny thing is that no one in Japan regard them as experts in club reviews. I usually stop by one fo their stores when I go to Japan but everyone who works there are not at all knowledgeable about clubs. The veteran members here know a heck of a lot more than those sales people. All they care about is to sell a lot of clubs. As a used club franchise business, I doubt that they can actually produce and deliver unbiased reviews without worrying about their relationship with the manufacturing companies.
  16. MyGolfSpy Japan & Korea

    I really don't see what they are trying to accomplish by introducing GolfSpy in Japan and in Korea. Both are already mature golf communities with plenty of equipment review sites already in those languages.
  17. j-beam driver heads......,

    Must have been the Fire Express RB series.
  18. Benock World has Arrived!

    Makes sense!!
  19. The New SEVEN CB

    Oh boy!