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  1. Okay no interest on any of these .... so I am putting together a third set for myself! Labospec is still left and reduced to a ridiculous price!
  2. 10/9/2017 - prices reduced 10/16/2017 - Some items removed Got some great gear possibly a great fit for JDM newbies as well as JDM regulars!! With the season coming to a close, gotta move these out before they start collecting dust in my office! Please contact me for shipping costs. OnOff Labospec RB247G 4-PW / UST Mamiya Recoil 780ES F4 ( Stiff ) Condition 8/10 Normal bag chatter .. no major dings or nicks. 8 iron shaft has a surface scratch and a small paint chip. Standard L/L/L These are really great looking clubs for a Midsize Game Improvement irons. Very small offset Cast carbon steel body combined with maraging face gives a springy feel at impact. US$ 500 450 400 Paypal net + shipping
  3. JDM drivers are designed to hide their size. However, even the most compact looking 460 may seem like a pancake relative to your 380 Dymo. based on pics i found of the Dymo , it has a relatively round profile (not pear shaped ) , semi-deep face, semi shallow back. Some smaller JDM are : Freiheit The G 415, Epon Zero, Epon Zero Kai, Mizuno 611 The Craft, Yamaha Inpres V203 Tour Model , Agrind Y-Proto, Baldo 568 , Tourstage P02-6, S-Yard T.388 .... just to name some off the top of my head. All listed here are 420cc or smaller. Some are also older models... The definition of forgiveness can be very different for each person too. So shape and profile in addition to size should be considered.
  4. 22 deg is around 235g
  5. You need to take grip weight into consideration. Also, I bet the shaft weight is uncut raw weight as well.
  6. Looks like you'll have to be the guinea pig on this one, Mikey! :)
  7. No experience with Zodia 801.. but 17-4 body + 455 combo is the same with Modart and A-Grind. From the pictures the Z801 looks pretty deep. 185cc 3W is also not that small.
  8. I totally forgot about the Grandista RS-F... as gregoire says, it is similar to the Crazy Full Titan from a shape perspective and is one solid fairway wood. Also if you want to be different, Zodia OZ Ti fairways are actually good performing woods. The shape of the head is longer from toe to heel , semi shallow profile. Feel and sound were exceptional. The pop off the face felt more like a driver.
  9. Prices reduced before moving them on to the auction site.
  10. agree with the Crazy full Ti . just the right size and semi-shallow profile. A bit on the expensive side, though... Modart MA01F are great too if you prefer a softer steel face feel. Modart FWs are are shallow and really easy to hit off the deck. If you want forgiveness, RC SFD x7 are great, but they sit more or less square. Distance is great.
  11. Read a review of this driver on the " Golf Club Shidanikki " He says the feel is waaay better than the standard Epic Star and Sub Zero models sold in Japan. He also mentions that the distance performance is similar to the other two. I am thinking that the forged head has a bit more spin because its not as low CG due to the TI Crown being slightly heavier than Carbon?
  12. Do it!! :) MP Craft series was the top of the crop in Mizuno's driver line up. Then they decided to go with adjustable hosel with their new MP... Nothing against it really, I even bought one to try. "MP Craft" just feels a bit more prestigious than their other line up...
  13. .

    Dang!! your ball marks are dead center of the face!! GLWS
  14. Yes, I have tried the original MA01D. The MA01D had a different face material compared to the MA01DS and MA01D+R , I think it had forged 6-4 Ti so it had a slightly more crunchy feel where as the SP700 used on the MA01D+R has a softer but hot feel to it. I think the forgiveness is significantly different with the +R. 435 vs 460cc ... you know .. you kinda expect it to be different.
  15. Oh no ! :) I really hope not! I got a matching fairway and hybrid.... and they are equally good! I am especially impressed with the Hybrid actually. It's point and shoot easy and can draw or fade on demand!! It has the right amount of responsiveness to different swings! Loving it!
  16. Sorry for bringing back an old post , but just got myself Modart woods and wanted to add my review. First Impressions: Head is not shallow as I thought, it's actually semi deep. 460cc but hides the size well. (not bulky ) Has a pear shaped appearance at address. ( not round like JBeams ) Head screams quality! Looks very expensive and high end!! At the range: 9.5 loft has a penetrating flight. Perhaps could have gone with a higher loft. Flight looks much more low spin than the previous Mizuno... not low enough that it drops but lower just from how the ball flies. Sound at impact is muted and very well behaved. Feel is refined and soft with a touch of firmness that can be translated as hot or pop off the face. The head is supposed to be more draw friendly than its predecessors, but for me, it might be the most anti-left head I have had in awhile. Really have to make deliberate swings from the inside to make it draw. Normal flight so far is a straight or fade for me. My Specs: Head: 9.5deg, 200g, Square face Shaft: Seven Dreamers Club: 45.5", 320g , D3 These are top of the crop in terms of high end JDM driver. Doesn't get better than this. No course time yet, but my range sessions have been good. Really looking forward to taking her out on the course.
  17. If distance is all you care about, then perhaps it can provide that.... but 300 yards out in the woods more than half the time certainly will not be justified for a lot of players. Maybe a fun club to swing at the range? Like many hi cor heads, this one also mentions ultra thin face. its interesting that Geo Tech's site does not mention max recommended swing speed for their hi cor heads. I used to build my drivers to 45" or shorter using heavier shafts but due to "naturally caused aging effects" :) my current builds are 60 g range shafts paired with 200g heads built between 45.25 to 45.75" . Weight comes to be around 320 g , which is still heavier than todays JDM spec standards, they provide good balance of control and distance for me.
  18. Does a couple of degrees lie angle really have impact on directional accuracy of a driver with 10deg of loft? My understanding is that lie angle has greater effects the more loft you have, as in a wedge, and not so much in lower lofted clubs.
  19. Splendid Idea!!
  20. Wow! those two demo clubs are travelling around the world now!! So cool!
  21. When Sasaya-san at Gold's first installed a Dogatti shaft for my putter, he tipped it about 2 inches as well. Worked really well.
  22. My dad had a set of Brownings!!! He mostly played his Lynx set , though...
  23. If I did not have my current gamer,, this 153 x AAA 2015 combo would be the one in my bag. A seriously good combo! GLWS
  24. An update on the Shimada K's 8001 shafts. The Shinagawa MB heads now have Crazy CBI-80 Limited in them and working really well. I wish Crazy would start producing them again. I recently acquired a used set of Bridgestone J015 CB heads and so I decided to install the K's8001 in them. BINGO! The slightly thin feel that I was getting from the Shinagawa/K's 8001 combo is not felt with the J015CB combo. The J015 CB paired with the K's 8001 really feel great at impact. On a side note, I did install some Pro Soft foam inserts in them to see if I can reduce the unwanted vibration further and I think it is pretty effective. Slight mis shots off of the center do not feel as harsh compared to without the inserts. In any case, these K's 8001 shafts are sweet! Been wanting to swing my irons as "easy" as possible and these 100g shafts allow me to do that. The feel at impact is as good as heavy steel shafts. Even when I swing easy, I get proper distance and the stability is there as well. for those who use Modus 105 Stiff and feel that they feel a bit harsh, I think these K's8001 are great alternatives that feel smoother without loss of tight dispersion. Trajectory might be slightly higher on the Shimadas compared to the Modus 105s but probably not by much. Highly recommended!!