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  1. Nothing against the SP Blues... I like them too. but I think they are Nippon's attempt to create something similar to Dynamic Golds. When you compare the steps on the SP Blue side by side against DG S200, they are almost identical. Obviously, quality control and tolerance are no comparison between the two but the design may be very similar.
  2. Modus 120 was their first Modus model. I honestly think they totally messed up with the stiffness specs. 105 was next and this time they did it right. 105 S is just above 950GH S which makes sense. 130 is a beast of a shaft. I actually won a set from Nippon when it was first introduced in the U.S. I had to Soft Step a Stiff. Here is a list of the top 7 stiffest in the list that I have but not including the DG X7 or the PX 7.0. I'm sure those are even stiffer. But notice how Modus 130 S is stiffer then X100. *** Modus 130 X 376 CPM K's Tour X 368 CPM Project X 6.5 362 CPM KBS Tour X 360 CPM Modus 130 S 359 CPM Project X 6.0 356 CPM Dynamic Gold X100 354 CPM
  3. I think an AF-Tour CB #4 or SUS-316 #4, AF-302 , AF-301 #4 would be good candidates loft wise. I think they are all 24 deg Any of these are more forgiving than a #4 AF-Tour MB in my opinion. If you are okay with other brands, Honma TW-U Forged #4 (24 deg) is a good multi-material driving iron that is quite forgiving for the size. It's not too bulky. I found that these Honma more forgiving that Mizuno's MP-18 MMC or Titleist T-MB in a smiler loft and better feel off the face.
  4. Thanks for the info!! Look at that.... paint in the cavity going flaky....
  5. Problem I had with the K's8001 ( which is a uniflex model ) was that I got too much spin resulting in loss of distance by a significant amount. Felt really nice though.
  6. I'm now wondering if 125 R might be a good one to try.
  7. Many that I have spoken in the past love the feel of Modus 120 Stiff with their forged irons. Then they try 105 Stiff and are not hoppy because the feel at impact is harsher. 105 Regular is at a similar CPM with the 120 Stiff. Hopefully they will feel as good as the 120 Stiff.
  8. In my quest for improving consistency in my irons, I've decided to try a couple of other shafts. Will be trying Modus 120 Stiff and Modus 105 Regular with my current irons to see if I can gain consistency over the 125 Stiff that I have been using the last 18 Mos. What I'm hoping to achieve is to be able to hit my irons without grunting on each swing.... and hopefully to bring out the better/softer feel of the forged heads. Obviously shaft frequency is not the only thing that determines how a shaft fits your swing... but nevertheless I feel the need to try. Perhaps this might be useful info for others too so.. Below is a list of Modus series in the order from stiffest down to least stiff. Also throwing in 950GH, DG S200 and X100 for comparison. All based on standard 5 iron length with similar weight heads. 130 X 376 CPM 130 S 359 CPM DG X100 354 CPM 130 R 350 CPM 125 X 351 CPM 130 R 350 CPM 105 X 343 CPM 120 TX 342 CPM 950GH X 340 CPM 125 S 339 CPM DG S200 335 CPM 120 X 327 CPM 105 S 327 CPM 950GH S 325 CPM 125 R 324 CPM 120 S 316 CPM 105 R 314 CPM 950GH R 311 CPM 120 R 308 CPM
  9. I’ve never tried graphite irons above 100g range... let us know how they work for you!! I’ve only tried the Recoil 95 in a driving iron. Was really good feeling.
  10. My swing unfortuinately isn't down blow enough to justify using blades full time. I'm guessing forgiving irons that are slightly larger in size tend to make me sloppy overall with my swing. With forgiving clubs I get away with some of the lousiest swings. Over time, It has a downward spiral effect in swing, score and game, The "improve score & handicap" initiative I've set at the start of the year really started to take a hit after switching to forgiving irons. Seems opposite but I remembered what Bob (Owner of a golf course in Bozeman, Montana) told me about "Game Improvement" clubs. He said if I wanted to improve my game, I needed to use the least forgiving clubs possible. The term "Game Improvement clubs" is deceiving because over time, your game (skills) will actually NOT improve. I'll be rotating ID BLs and Shinagawas MBs for a while to see if I can get back on track. Also have the Miura 99.3s that I can shaft up... yeah maybe I'll go ahead and do that.
  11. I need some medical leave from work for whatever disease this thing is.. 🙂
  12. I feel that logic has lost its place in my world of golf!! HaHaHa! Shinagawa I feel are modern masterpieces from a design/shape perspective. I love how they look at address. Not quite as dense as your MP33 (traditional blades). But with the right shaft, it can feel very nice. I think Modus 120 or Dynamic Golds would make the softness really come out. I currently have Modus 125s so they feel a bit firm off the face.
  13. It's really a sickness.... after switching my irons recently to very forgiving Yonex N1-CBs.... Just these past few days, I've completely lost interest in them. [email protected]! not sure why... I feel no satisfaction in hitting them. So today, I've put my IDBLs as my primary and then pulled out my Seven Shinagawas as secondary. Same with driver... I've sort of lost interest in the Romaro Ultimate Tuning and gone back to the Grandista RS-D but did install the Loop GK in it. Went out to the range this evening and hit my Shinagawas for the first time in a while and they feel perfectly fine. I can hit them straight. no issues! With the Grandista I am hitting it very consistently. Just need to add 5 to 6 grams to the head for the right swing weight. I'm sure after a while of this set up, I'll find something else to try.... than I'll go try that... it's just never ending. Oh and I've gone back to my Benock Blue Dragon II as my primary putter and even got rid of a taperless grip and went back to a normal reverse overlap grip as opposed to the left hand low grip that I was using for the last 7 Mos or so. All these changes should get me a fresh perspective on the course!!!
  14. Probably the last of the few models to come out with SP700. Mizuno Pro drivers switched from their SP700 faces to some type of Beta titanium .. not sure what ... but they had moved away from SP700. Not clear whether they switched due to supply or because Beta Ti was the better performing.... I bought a Romaro Type R Ultimate Tuning recently, they applied the same technique as Taylormade M5 M6 "injected face." Using SP700 cup face, they apparently went a tiny bit beyond the allowed COR and then using a resin pocket behind the hitting area to fill it with resin to de-tune the COR within the limits. Feel wise it is soft off the face, but has a different sound than any other SP700 head that I've had. This one reminds me of the Titleist 913 D2 sound with a soft tingy metallic sound mixed in. Actually starting to like the sound very much. Also this head does not let you go left. It takes me a strong grip plus a deliberate in to out swing to get it to draw. It only comes in a 10.5 loft but it plays like a 9.5. Paired up with a Loop GK SX shaft, it is mostly straight with occasional fades. Together with the Ping LST I now have two "ACE" drivers. that I can game any day without any hesitation. LOVING IT!
  15. Yup unidirectional! Other than the very newest models, I believe they are all using high grade PAN type carbon fiber. In a sense very traditional material but boy do they know how to roll them the right way!! My impression of Syncagrahite is that they are artisans who are working to preserve the culture and technique of handmade shafts. Something warm and fuzzy about their products. 🙂
  16. With the Ping / Loop JJ combo. I was having a hard time controlling the dispersion... I think maybe the flex was too soft due to the Ping head being 207g or so. Ended up tipping the shaft .75" and going 211g on the head weight and now it is very controllable and it's still quite long! I do like the weight and trajectory of the JJ. It's perfect for a driver. but if I were to do it over, I'd go for an SX or X flex. and the feel is just fabulous! GK is heavier but still manages to go far. GK in SX flex for me is perfect. My Romaro head is also set to 207g. The HD S flex which is the lightest of the three that I have is in my Grandista RSD head 200g .. this one is 45.5". Obviously a bit more harder to hit the middle of the face consistently but when I do... it really goes!! higher trajectory than the JJ or GK but not overly. I believe this is a double kick shaft.
  17. who's Tony Martin? didn't get it.. sorry.
  18. There is actually a heavier model even more low launching. The Loop IP. I think that I the one for you.
  19. Really good!! - Ping G410 LST / Loop JJ S / 45.25" / D4 / 321g -> today's best distance 310 yards on Top Tracer - Romaro Ultimate Tune / Loop GK SX 45" / D4 / 327g -> today's best distance 301 yards on Top Tracer - Grandista RS-D / Loop HD S 45.5" / D4 / 314g -> today's best distance 305 yards on Top Tracer GK being high 60g range shaft felt most stable and consistent. Probably the least dispersion. More of a control shaft. JJ is 63g but was lower launch and lower spin. Baby fade shots produced the best trajectory and best carry. The HD is 57g and combined with the Grandista RS-D head just felt like a velvety smooth Dai Ginjyo sake. This one is more mid launch but still lower spin. It was just so smooth. I am totally into these Loop shafts. They are the smoothest feeling shafts ever. And they perform very well too! They are not super light weight. But they actually feel like they are flexing at the down swing and doing its job of being the engine of the driver. I can't recommend these shafts enough!!
  20. I have a Loop HD and Loop JJ now to try. HD in the Grandista RSD head and Loop JJ is in the Ping G410 LST. I put the GK back in the Romaro Ultimate Tuning. Out to the range shortly!!
  21. But it's no longer single piece mild carbon steel.... I guess Onoff is joining the same bandwagon as PXG and TM P790, Honma TW-X etc, etc... Sad but I think that is the general direction we are headed to.
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