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    Crazy Target Tour Lite vs High end graphite

    Oh and I forgot to mention my current gamers are SUS 316 with Modus 125. I also installed Pro Soft insert to eliminate unwanted vibration. Buttery smooth combo!! Based on my experience, I’d go with Target Tours on the SUS . Can’t go wrong with that combo.
  2. nobmontana

    Seattle Golf Show...

    Due to the snow that accumulated on the ground for the last 3 weeks, I've not swung a golf club since scoring my 71. What perfect timing ... "Seattle Golf Show" was on this weekend at the Century Link Event Center ( Next to the Seahawks Stadium ). Having nothing else to do, I decided to take my two girls to kill time. They were giving out a few free rounds of golf for a $15 ticket so that alone was actually worth it. On the other hand , the show overall was really a sad golf show.... mostly a show of Golf courses and resorts in the Pacific Northwest and a big area for clearance golf items by the local golf shops... Major brands did have their testing booths. To my surprise, Honma actually had a booth with their new TW747 series. I got to try the 747 460 driver with the stock Vizard shaft as well the 747V forged irons. The driver was really forgiving and had a pretty hot feel off the face. I liked the neutral feel of the Vizard shaft was very smooth but stable. The 747V irons looked super at address and felt soft off the face as well. Can't wait to try the Rose Proto Blades when they are released!! Also had the chance to try a couple of other forged irons, the new Srixon muscle backs (Matsuyama blades) as well as a Mizuno JPX 919 Forged. The new Srixon blades looked really nice at address and felt good too. I could see myself bagging these! The back design looked refreshed with more curvy lines compared to its predecessors. I was actually not too impressed with the JPX 919. Had a thicker top line and looked a bit chunky. Feel was a bit firmer than older Mizunos that I was accustomed to. I've reshafted my Shinagawa MBs last week with Modus 125s and they are ready to go but the range has been closed so I have not had the chance t hit them yet. Maybe another few days until the range re-opens. Oh well. Went to Uwajimaya supermarket omg the way home and had a late lunch at Samurai Ramen. Hadn't been there for a long time but their Miso Ramen was pretty decent and that actually might have been the highlight of my Sunday. Thank goodness tomorrow is a day off for Presidents Day!!
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    PRGR RS Forged Irons - any feedback?

    Can't compare since I do not have experience with 790s or PXGs But construction wise, the RS forged are not hollow with elastomer fillings like the other two. To me, the RS Forged looked pretty compact with a nice thinner top line. Feel is on the soft side with a very very subtle but soft "click" mixed in the impact. Because of the pocket cavity construction of the RS Forged, they were very easy to hit and very forgiving on mis-hits. If I were to choose a forgiving set of irons that provides good distance, yet does not compromise looks or playability, the RS forged would be in my shortlist.
  4. nobmontana

    Crazy Target Tour Lite vs High end graphite

    I have tried the CBI 80 Limited in both in Regular and Stiff. Hard stepping the Regular felt perfect for me and Stiff straight in was a bit on the firmer side. I currently use Modus 125 S straight in. Not sure about the CBI 01 or 02 but Crazy graphite Iron shafts in general seems a half flex on the firmer side. I’ve also tried OTi 95 and 105s while very smooth, I found the OTis very high launching. Was too high for me. Perhaps the tour models will suit better. I believe Ian has experience with the CBI 01 or 02s as well as Accra iron shafts. He’s the expert with mid weight graphite iron shafts. 🙂
  5. nobmontana

    Non-Taper vs Traditional putter grip

    Yeah I had one before and they weren’t tacky at all.... maybe the ones I bought were fake ....
  6. I've had a non-tapered Winn X grip on my Benock for a few months now. While I've been able to putt pretty decently, the more I looked at the beautiful bladed head combo'd with a fat grip, It just seemed wrong to have this grip on it. So last night I removed the Winn grip and installed an older model Iomic Absolute Mid size grip which has been my favorite tapered grip ever. For the longest time, I had problems of being handsy with my stroke but perhaps using the Winn grip helped me become less handsy? Still too early to say for sure but I'm feeling pretty comfortable putting straight and consistent with this traditional grip now. Do the non-taper grips actually have the effect of developing a less handsy stroke if you use it long enough?
  7. nobmontana

    Non-Taper vs Traditional putter grip

    I wish they made classy looking non taper grips that are of normal weights. Super Strokes and stuff just looks out of place when combo’d with high end milled putters.
  8. So what's in the works for you to replace your irons & wedges? Don't tell me you're gonna go USDM again.....
  9. nobmontana

    Epon AF-505 and peers?

    "Forgiving" & "Players" typically do not come in the same package! 🙂 AF-505 is indeed quite forgiving. but the look and feel I think are a notch down from what I would consider a true "players" iron. Seven MCB, very much qualifies to be called a "forgiving players" iron. Full cavity forgiviness but the head is compact enough to provide workability equivalent of a players CB. Plus, the loft settings are traditional lofts in line with most players CBs. Minimal offset too! I really can't think of any other single piece iron that provides this combination of specs in this way. It's really a unique offering in today's market. More and more I ask myself why I don't have a set of MCBs as my gamer!!!
  10. If Tokyo got this much snow, I'm sure the economy will be impacted greatly. I remember about 20 years ago, they had a dump in mid January and most public transportation came to a halt so I actually had to ride a cab from Narita to Kawasaki where I lived at the time. Paid the driver $400 bucks!! Schools here in the Seattle area have been mostly closed this week until today. Temperatures will remain low at least for the next 3 weeks here which means melting of snow on the course will be very slow. Ugh!!
  11. How about a round of applause for the 2019 AT&T Pro Am Champ! Pretty impressive stuff when you consider that he is 48 yrs old now. I suspect he will not be going to the Champions Tour until he is like 60... The Winter system that sprinkled hail on Pebble Beach has dumped over a foot of snow in Seattle in the last 10 days. No golfing out here for a while. forecast not showing temperatures above 40 for the next 3 weeks!!! Late winter I guess!!! 😞
  12. nobmontana

    Issue resolved

    Oh I thought it was resolved already... I misunderstood.
  13. nobmontana

    Issue resolved

    Good to see members coming together to rid the forum of bad experiences! We should never tolerate that type of behavior. More importantly, glad to hear that the issue was resolved for B!!
  14. nobmontana

    Irons- Epon, Baldo, & Miura

    I currently have Iomic X in hard feeling compound (Matsuyama model) in my irons, Tight controlled feel and it seeems to wear well. Another Iomic that I am now using with my woods are the iXX 2.3. I love how grippy they are. and they also seem to last a long time. Ive tried the XROZ's and they are really good as well.
  15. Reading through the product description for the T-20 ... they say the design of was a collaboration between a grinder craftsman who has been grinding irons for the previous No.1 player in the world as well as other top pros. The design looks very orthodox which was purposefully made that way. While they do not indicate the material for this head, they do mention that the feel is exceptional. Not 100% sure at this point of why this level iof pricing is justified.
  16. I believe they are trying to achieve a pocket cavity like effect but in a one piece construction. Not sure they actually add significant forgiveness but I think that is the general idea.
  17. nobmontana

    X Flex Iron Shafts and Tour G Grips

    I have a set of Modus 120 X 4-PW that I just pulled today. It has No.1 Matte Black grips on them still in usable condition. Let me know if you are interested.
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    Ok I just looked this up but it looks like the Mizuno Yoro program allows orders of single irons. MP66 PW can be ordered as a single club.
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    Not the bay the one in Japan
  20. SPB are older models that have near identical step pattern to the Dynamic Golds and indeed lower launch Modus 125 are mid launch with mid to low spin. They are lower launch than 130s. 130s feel more stout. 125 are pretty smooth feeling if weight is not an issue.
  21. nobmontana

    Mizuno Pro Series

    “ Mizuno Pro”are Japan only model heads that you can only get through local fitting studios. Some models are available in the US with a different name.
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    Is it a Yoro custom finish? If not a used one one the auction sites might be easiest.
  23. nobmontana

    J Beam Shaft Question

    The ZY Black FW is designed for Fairway wood use. The Other ZY series shafts are for drivers but can technically be used for fairways as well with proper tip cut as with any driver shaft.
  24. nobmontana

    Hiro Matsumoto Tm???

    https://www.ced-g.com/hiro/gjp.html supposed to be the series in which Hiro is transitioning to his three sons. One piece full milled from mild carbon steel ingot. Black Boron finish.
  25. nobmontana

    Bentley Golf

    I don’t know... using a car brand on golf clubs seems cheesy to me. I’m sure they are good clubs...