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    and now... my flatsticks!

    ...And finally we arrive to my flat sticks! I'll be honest, I am not a good putter at all. When it's on, it's decent, but in a typical round, I just struggle all the way with putts. Regardless of how bad I am at putting, I did go through a custom fitting with Benock in Tokyo last year to have them analyze my stroke and to find out what type of putter best suits me. So, did the Benock completely turn my putting game to a satisfactory level? Well, the short answer is "unfortunately not" and that's nothing to do with the putter itself. I love the shape and how it sets up, but I am just so inconsistent. And that is totally on me. I'm still tinkering a lot with my current putters by trying different shafts, going back and forth between traditional grips and taperless grips in hopes that some combination will magically appear and solve my putting woes!! Also playing with a mallet. My latest experiment is a Ping Vault 2.0 CRAZ-E H putter. I'll be sending it in to Ping for a weight screw replacement (what's the benefit of a interchangeable weight screw if you have to send it it to Ping Repair dept!!! ? ) The head will be 380g with the heavier weight option. I'll be building it to 36.5" or 38" with a counter balance grip. We'll see how she works out. Aside from my experiment, I do have a few blades that I have acquired over the years. All my blades are similar in terms of toe hang. They are around 42 to 43 deg. Which seem to suit my stroke. They are all at 34.5" long but overall weight varies by quite a bit. Benock Blue Dragon II / Shimada NSTP-120 / Winn Pro X 1.18 Though I am not consistent with it, I do think the Benock Blue Dragon II suits my eye the best. Simple and traditional but the slant neck just makes it a bit different from your normal blade. I like this shape a lot. The feel is excellent. dense feel which is just right. It is probably the least forgiving putter of mu stable but since this is the one that I got from my custom fitting, it will stay with me. Head weight is lighter at around 340g. Gold's Factory T102 Prototype / Shimada NSTP-120 / Iomic Absolute Mid This Gold's was my first entry into high end JDM putters. Got it second hand but I am glad I got it because at the time, I liked it so much I sold the rest of my GSS Piretti's that I owed at the time. I am told that this is an older model made right around the time Sasaya-san started his business after leaving Gauge Design. It's a traditional Dale head with two tungsten inserts on the face. Material is Japanese 303 and it has a smooth face with no milling. I've thought about sending it in for a face redo ... but I actually like the clean smooth look and don't mind the feel at all. It has a pretty soft feel for not having any milling on the face. This putter also has a sound slot which gives out a small "tink" sound which is pleasing to the ears. Head weight is about 360g. Benock EASPADE Type S / Shimada NSTP-120 / Super Stroke Mid Slim 2.0 My second Benock which is a modified wide blade with a unique swan neck. It looks pretty forgiving and I do think it actually is. Still getting used to the shape but it plays really nicely. The feel at impact is slightly softer than the Blue Dragon possibly due to the thicker hitting area. Slightly heavier at 365g head. Evnroll ER 1.1 / XXIP-B2 (Violet) / Winn Pro X 1.18 One of my more recent acquisitions to see if their claim of tighter dispersion is actually true with their face milling. The quality of this putter is actually pretty good. I like the fluted hosel... not sure if its for design purposes or its done to move the CG or something. I used this putter when I shot my lowest score this season. If that is because of this putter, I do think I need to use it more. I have the 149g Nippon XXIP-B2 shaft in this one. together with the 365g head, it is quite heavy overall but very stable. .... and Ping Vault 2.0 CRAZ-E H My experiment build. The feel of this aluminum milled head is not great but what I am seeking is maximum forgiveness. I am in the process of building this to a full on counter balance putter at 38" we'll see if this can potentially bring my putting to a more acceptable level. Will share pics once I get the head back.
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    and now... my flatsticks!

    I hope your design requests go well! There are so many options available with Benock the mind just boggles!
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    and now... my flatsticks!

    Thanks Stu-san. I will keep that in mind. 🙂
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    Wow!! Hard to find a used set in these conditions!! And price!! Someone should grab these quickly!! GLWS!!
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    Wedges.... I'm not too crazy of a fanatic when it comes to wedges to be honest ... but that is rapidly changing. When I got started with JDM back in 2009 or so, I got a used set of Epon 208KGX in Copper in 52, 56 and 60 .... I believe these wedges had non-conforming square grooves so they did spin like crazy. Loved how forgiving they were and loved the feel on them too. Over the years, I have tried Titleist, Mizuno, Tourstage, Yonex, SYB, Epon, Buchi, SDJ, Modart, Tataki, Zodia ... Currently, I am using two sets of Miura S-01 wedges .. a S-01 52, 58 custom ordered through their Miura Craftsman World (MCW) program and then another S-01 Tour 51, 57 also through their MCW program and then I have a set of Seven AG wedges in 52 and 58. As I got better with my long game and iron game, I am now at a point where my weaknesses are clearly showing up as my short game less than 100 yards and mostly around the greens. And putting is just utterly pathetic compared to the rest of my game... we'll get to putters in my next post. As far as lofts go, I am seeing a lot of occasions lately where I need a 110 yard shot. Unfortunately, the 52 falls a bit short and the PW is usually too much. I am starting to flirt with the idea ( another expensive idea !! 🙂 ) to possibly go with a 50 54 58 set up. My distance gaps would be PW = 125 , 50 = 110 , 54 = 95 , 58= 80 .... 15 yards apart .. but for now, 52 58 is my set up. Miura Giken S-01 52, 58 / Modus Wedge 125 Stock is more midsize than compact. but MCW program allowed me to choose an option to have them make the overall shape a bit more compact. Did seem to help a bit but still not small like other players wedges. At address it does look pretty forgiving and easy to use. These heads are made of 99.3 pure steel. Which are a joy to hit. Very soft off the face. I think spin performance is pretty good but highly dependent on the type of ball used. Using the 58 deg delofted from the green edge, I can see a pretty nice bite before the ball releases. On full shots, I get a lot of backspin sometimes too much when the greens are super receptive. The copper underlay + double nickel satin finish came out with a beautiful champagne gold hue and while it really looks nice, the double nickel satin appear to be not as durable as chrome satin and after one full season, the copper on the sole is starting to show... which is why I went with the Chrome Satin option on the new S-01 Tour. Seven AG Wedge 52, 58 / Modus Wedge 115 I wanted to get wedges that match with my Seven x Shinagawa MB irons. Though I could have gone with the Seven ST wedge, I kind of liked the unique sole design of the AG wedges, The size is mid compact. It's not super compact but it's definitely not big as your typical mid size wedge. I believe these are made of SS400 which feels super soft off the face. The grooves grab the ball nicely for a very spinny full shot. Small chips also check well. I have the Modus Wedge 115 in these and they feel very smooth and controllable. I am not sure if the channel on the sole is helping but these wedges do glide through the turf with ease. Once these wedges wear out, I may move on to the ST wedges as I have tried them and they are even softer than the AG. Miura Giken S-01 Tour 51, 57 / WV 115 Tour Only Stock S-01 Tours are smaller sized than the original S-01 , but I went to get them even smaller through their MCW option. Material is the same 99.3 pure steel ... I did choose a different finish on these after seeing the copper underlay get exposed rather soon on my previous set. I chose copper underlay + Satin Chrome finish this time in homes that they will last a bit longer. Still very soft off the face but definitely slightly firmer than the double nickel finish. The NS Pro WV115 Tour Only shaft is a recent pick up from the Bay. According to NS Pro, they are supposed to be similar specs as the old WV115 but with Modus Wedge graphics. To me it does in fact feel just like the WV115 which is slightly more firmer than the Modus Wedge 115. With the compact face, the overall shape transition well from my PW from the CB1008 to the 51 deg. As you can see, I am a big fan of the S-01 series wedges and I think they are the greatest wedges.
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    New ONOFF LABO MB and FE Wedges by Miura!

    99.3 pure steel making its way into other brands!! that's awesome!
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    How do you keep your raw ones in such controlled nice rusty state without corrosion? I like that look!!
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    Those MT28s look phenomenal!! I should look for a set of Fourteen TS Specs
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    Good to know!! I do like the simple design on those wedges.
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    Hoping that these wedges will provide the distances that I need!
  11. Hey Serge!! "not playing much?" Did you pick up a new hobby or something? Nice set up! GLWS
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    Check out the New BB4 Driver!

    Darth Vader like!! I like the stealthy looks!
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    found a used set of Epon Tour Wedges in 50 54 58 to match with my EponSUS irons. They have Shimada Tour Lites in them now but I’ll be reshafting them with either the Modus 125 Wedge or the WV125 Tour Only shafts
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    Picked up a used 50 54 58 wedge set ... we'll see how it works.
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    Wow Stu-san! that is one hell of a collection!! I counted 34 but I think I missed a few underneath!!! 🙂
  16. Since i did not see anyone start the Dog thread, here it is. "Marco" the Havanese. Chunky Havanese at approximately 30 lbs!! Have not yet seen another bigger than him. might have morphed into a new breed ...
  17. Latest update by Ian on the R7 forged sparked my interest and thought this would be helpful for those who are lost in their hunt for their first JDM iron sets. I can come up with a quite a large list for these. Just to get the list started.... a few of my personal favorites from the past. TM R7 forged TM Firesole Forged H Yonex Cyberstar Forged Yonex NanoV Nextage PRGR IDBL PRGR TR500 Com'n guys what are your favorites?
  18. Surprised that no one mentioned Mizunos MP irons. I guess MP-33 are more of a global model but I still think they are the best MBs that they've ever produced.
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    You and your wedges Warren!! With your collection, my 3 pairs actually don't looks so bad!! 🙂 Hope you are doing well! If you're ready for some fall/winter golf in the rain, I'm all game! Maybe high bounce wedges are the way to go in the muddy conditions.
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    So I currently have 3 Hybrids in the three sets that I rotate through. Modart MA01H 19 deg / Crazy STP Iron 85, Romaro Type R 2017 18deg / Crazy STP Iron 85, Romaro I-Brid Chapter 2 19 deg / Fujikura MCH 80, The Romaro I-Brid is still very new to me and after yesterday's round, I am thinking about possibly getting another STP shaft to put in it. Modart MA01H 19 deg / Crazy STP Iron 85 I've had this combo the longest and it is very trusty. I can work the ball both ways on demand, ( easier to draw than fade with my skill level ) but I feel most comfortable with this combo than the other two in that I know that the natural ball will be either straight or baby draw which will safely land in the intended vicinity. The head has a shape that reminds me of the old 2007 Taylomade TP Resucue hybrid and appears to have quite an offset and looks like a hook machine. Not sure what the guys at Modart did to this head design but a hook machine it is not. Not at all. Perhaps the STP shaft is contributing to how straight it wants to go. The STP is known to go very straight. Back to the head.... the feel off the face is solid yet spongy just like their FWs and provides a really pleasant sound doing so. Trajectory is mid trajectory but again I can hit both high trajectory and lower trajectory with this hybrid... extremely versatile. Looks is a bit deceiving as mentioned above and may take a while to get a sense of trust that it is not a hook machine. but once you get to the point where you can just point and shoot it will not disappoint. Highly recommended! Romaro Type R 2017 18deg / Crazy STP Iron 85 I got this head late in the Summer to match it up with the Type R 2017 driver head which I fell in love with. This Hybrid is mid sized and looks very forgiving and once you swing it you will know that it's not just looks. Combo'd again with the STP Iron shaft, this hybrid is very very straight. it really does not want to move left or right. If I tried hard, it will draw a bit and that is it. Mid to high trajectory flight is what you would want on most situations. With a moderately receptive green condition, the ball will stop with a couple of hops. Distance performance is really good on these. It uses 15-3-3-3 Ti cup face ... I mean that's how the best drivers and fairways are constructed. No wonder it is long. I was expecting to get about 215 yards total with this hybrid, but I think I am getting around 225 total and sometimes 230 total. That nears my typical 3 wood distance and so I do not have a 3W for the set. this 18 deg Hybrid does it all. Feel off the face is really nice and springy, just like their driver but obviously more solid feeling and sound due to the size difference. With how much distance I am getting at times, I start to wonder why I even need a 3W in my other bags!! 🙂 Romaro I-Brid Chapter 2 19 deg / Fujikura MCH 80, And last but not least, my latest acquisition. I got this from another member on BST and originally had an ATTAS EZ 75 which I kind of thought that it was going to be a bit too light. First couple of range sessions, while I was hitting it pretty good, as soon as I stepped on it a bit, I started to get hooks. Found a reasonably priced used MCH 80 and so I decided to give it a try. Much better feel from a weight perspective and the feel at impact is a bt more solid now. The shape of the I-Brid Chpt 2 reminded me of my old Adams A12 Pro hybrid which I had in the bag for a long time. Adams hybrids were so popular everyone had them. Too bad the brand got dissolved under TM. Anyway, the I-brid is compact and what would be considered more iron like than wood. The top line design also contributes to the iron look. From looks alone, the head looks anti left. but it is small and so it does not look like it is overly forgiving. The feel at impact is different from any Hybrid I have had in the past. While it is stainless steel, it sure does not sound or feel like a 455 steel . They use steel called CH-1 which supposedly has similar physical properties as Titanium. it also uses a cup face construction with this CH-1 steel. So I guess it is not a surprise when I think the feel and sound are similar to that of a Titanium utility. Distance performance is pretty much on par with other 19 deg heads. The forgiveness of mis hits are actually really good compared to a hybrid of a similar size. I think this is where this head shines is because it is forgiving but with player preferred looks. I'm liking it. trajectory is a bit on the high side for my liking and similar flight as the Type R. To match the looks, I would actually prefer to get a lower flight than this... perhaps another STP 85 is the solution here. Overall the high praise reviews by other members on these hybrids were validated and aside from the high trajectory issue, I think this I-Brid will stay in my bag for a long time.
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    I like the slightly forward leaning plumbers neck! very clean design overall.
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    Hit em well!
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    2018 changman

    Ian, I have a stray R7 forged 5 iron if you want it. just pay for shipping and it's yours. It has the stock 950GH Stiff shaft though.... Happy to pull off the head and send head only as well.... ( my pile of stock junk shafts keep growing! ) I actually like the R7 design over R9 TP forged.
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    This is the one Betti model that I would want to try. Great price BTW!! GLWS