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  1. Miura (global) MC-501 Introduction

    I have!! it is very very good. Despite the Neo-MB looks, as the name states it hits like a Muscle Cavity. Side by side against my Shinagawa MB at address, the blade length actually looks a bit shorter at address likely due to the toe side slightly squared off instead of the more common rounded profile. Feel is really good. When you hit the sweet spot it is as soft as anything I've hit. Very forgiving considering its looks.
  2. TSG Clubworks props

    Congrats Cuistot!! gotta schedule our next outing so you can show off your newly finished Benock!! Looks beautiful!
  3. All titanium head with SP700 face! Same beautiful shape that follows the LS-001 Can't wait to give this a try!!
  4. Quietly waiting for the release of this!

    New video from Grandista regarding the designed of this RS-D https://youtu.be/m3lMeXSkUeQ - CG distance shorter CG depth is shallower: Shorter CG distance makes it easier to turn the head at impact, easier to hit a draw. Shallower CG Depth helps reduce spin. - Crown has a spherical shape which promotes the crown to flex at impact. This will help promote a higher launch angle to compensate for the lower spin. - SP700 face + 6-4 TI Body helps with better acoustics and feel at impact. - High trajectory , Easier to Draw , Good acoustics and feel , good distance performance - Best Grandista driver thus far....
  5. Quietly waiting for the release of this!

    Laws of physics probably don't apply when ball speeds are nearing speed of sound.
  6. Quietly waiting for the release of this!

    I am not sure if you want to use the "Draw" term in the same sense as USDM "Draw" models. Yes, the CG distance is shorter at 35mm in this RS-D model vs 40mm they had for the RS-001 model so it is definitely going to be easier to turn the head over at impact. As a result, it makes it easier to hit a draw. This, however, does not mean that you always get draw shots no matter what you do. I don't think the intended audience is a banana slice hitter. I guess the understanding here is that draw balls are longer. Thus, drivers with CG locations to make it easier to hit draws are thought to produce longer drives. I can believe this. My friend is currently struggling with a fade drive.... he started doing some drill for hitting it straighter or whatever.... and now his natural draw is gone. Between his current fade and his previous draw, the distance with his fade is shorter by a good 20 yards.
  7. My longest drive has to be the one where I carried a 314 par 4 ... at an Arnold Palmer design course at Big Sky Resort in Montana. 6500 ft above sea level mind you.... Ball landed on the green and hopped off 10 yards into the rough behind the green..... that was fun! This was back when I just started club building and was not into JDMs yet. if memory serves. I was using a Geek Golf Failsafe3 9 deg head paired with a Mitsubishi Bassara Wyvern 53 TS built to 46" The thing was a monster!
  8. You may need to change to full site mode in your phone.
  9. dog pick added from mobile
  10. There should be a delete button within the thumbnail pic in edit mode. It’s normally hidden but lower right corner of each thumbnail pic if I recall. You’ll see when you mouse over.
  11. Great prices! GLWS
  12. Gold factory putter

    Good to see a post from you Tae!! Nice putter! and GLWS
  13. Longest 3 wood

    I find Ti fairway heads tend to launch higher loft for loft compared to steel counterparts. Possibily due to the lower CG on the Titanium heads. Not necessarily a bad thing but I'd prefer a mid flight launch off the deck with fairway shots. Many of the titanium heads I have tried in the past, I had to pair up to a low launch tip stiff shaft to bring the flight down. Also, many of the "mini-driver" type driving fairway woods tend to be too big in size in my opinion. For me 165cc to 175cc would be the ideal size for a balance of usability off the deck and off the tee. When it gets bigger than that, it looks too bulky for off the deck shots.
  14. SOLD

    Tempting. Always wanted to try these
  15. Miura MC-501 / IC-601 / MG-S01 Tour

    I believe these MC-501s will be offered thru the Craftsman World program which means you can alter the overall shape , sole grind , top line thickness as well as face progression ( offset ) along with finishes including Copper underlay! ..... I see a very potent combination of options that could make these one heck of an ironset.
  16. Made in Japan woods

    I am in search of another pair of Driver and Fairway. I have a AAA '15 and BX70 shafts for them. Having great luck with the Modart woods, I'd like to stick with Made in Japan products. What brand woods are made in Japan... I prefer SP700 face / all Titanium body ( no carbon crown!! ) on the driver. Fairway can be Steel or Titanium. Are the 2017 Romaro Type R woods made in Japan? How about Titleist VG3 or the Mizuno GX?
  17. Made in Japan woods

    Thanks Chris, Since Kamui makes the Jean Baptiste stuff are they also assembled in Japan?
  18. Made in Japan woods

    Thanks... yeah they are rare now a days.
  19. Longest 3 wood

    For me I can’t do deep heads. Can’t hit them off the deck with confidence. I had a ping rapture 13 deg TI FW last year that pretty much went as far as my driver when I middled it. So I have to agree that a lower lofted option is likely to give you the most distance. Shaft wise I am using a FireExpress BX70 in my Modart 14 deg FW now and it is as stable a shaft can be and gives me good distance.
  20. So this trend of lighter but stiffer shafts..... I am starting to read more about it. There is a club builder in Japan who has extensively experimented 44 to 43inch drivers using 40 to 55g shafts. Swingweight is less than D0 in most cases. users are getting distances near and sometimes more than their 45.5" standard drivers. " Light and Stiff " is this where we are heading for wood shafts in general?
  21. Miura MC-501 / IC-601 / MG-S01 Tour

    The thick area behind the impact area on the 501 kinda makes sense to me. Similar approach to Tour B X Blade to achieve a denser and possibly softer feel at impact.
  22. Lighter but stiffer shafts... anyone try them?

    Examples include Speeder Platinum and Diamond models .... TRPX Feather , Crazy 9 Dia , Crazy Arrow and some of the Waccine models. I am sure there are others. The new MFUSION shaft from Mizuno got me thinking about trying the newer but lighter shafts. Might just go find a used Speeder PT or Dia and try it