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    PRGR 2018

    https://www.prgr-golf.com/product/wedge/18-rs-wedge.html It does say on this page the wedges are "Made in Japan" but who knows these days.... 😞
  2. Not flighted but trajectory optimized is how they call it.
  3. nobmontana

    Roddio forged black limited

    Check the rules on the BST top page. - No listing of new unused products - this is for buy and sell of used products
  4. Those are some awesome feeling irons! I've decided on irons that I am putting together with the Monacos. I shall reveal my new iron set once I actually have them! 🙂 I will say that I chose some heads that "should" feel extremely soft at impact.
  5. nobmontana

    Crazy fw 80

    If you are talking about the Red Gold colored FEX 65 , aren’t they high launch? bx70 is low launch.
  6. nobmontana

    Crazy fw 80

    I don’t know... all the Crazy driver shafts that I’ve tried to like in the past didn’t like me back ... if you want a more controlled lower launch with your FW , Fire Express BX70 plays really nicely in an FW. I have an F3 flex in my Modart 3wood and an F2 flex in my 5 wood. Debating now if I should get another one for my driver...
  7. nobmontana

    PRGR 2018

    Gotta be careful with the "forged" term for PRGR irons. They use this term loosely. RS forged is not one piece forged. It has a forged body but the face is Chromoly. Similar construction to the previous gen RS forged irons. The wedges on the other hand are full forged.
  8. nobmontana

    Crazy fw 80

    Maruman Shuttle heads are high launch to start with. Perhaps 6.4 is too flexy for you? Hard to say without knowing your swing style. FW80 is a very good FW shaft. With the right specs, I have had very good experience with it. I have used FW80s with 7.4 to 8.2 flex and all worked pretty well. ( 8.2 was probably a bit much shaft for me. ) Only issue for me is that it is a bit on the light side for an FW shaft. I have a moderate tempo with smooth transition. Driver SS is probably right around 100 mph these days.
  9. I use FEX BX70 in my Modart 3 &5 Woods just under 70g but pretty stout. I get good distance with good stability. Also have Diamana W 80 S , Graphite Design TP8 S in my other 3Ws. A bit heavy than what I should be using but the added weight provide and stability.
  10. What aspect of the FEX UT 100 are you referring to as a “monster shaft?” Is it the weight? Flight? Feel?
  11. Was reading up on the "keeper" thread and realized that my first set I owned had stayed with me for 24 years ( but less than 10 rounds of play between 1987 and 2009 ) Driver " Callaway " S2H2 Driver 10.5deg / steel shaft 3,5 woods Generic " Pro Model " metal woods / steel shaft Irons: 2-SW Taylormade EL-1 blades / True Temper steel Putter: Acushnet Bullseye offset putter < I still have this baby !! > In 2009 thru a company sponsored event, I started to play again and I honestly do not remember what clubs I switched to then... that's bad... I think I might have been using mixed irons for a while until I got Ping G10/i10 Combos with Tour Concept shafts... then switched to Ping Anser irons.... and list goes on and on..... I also quickly learned on eBay ( So educational ! ) the existence of this thing called "Japan Market Only Hi Cor Drivers." Back in those days, they were priced very high. I started to tinker with those drivers for a bit and while researching, ended up landing on this TSG site... and you all know what happened after that point...:) So tell me about your first set of clubs!
  12. You previously had the TR500 /Monaco combo that you had sold to Cuistot. He let me test it a while back and that’s where I got the idea!! :). That TR500 combo felt special.
  13. nobmontana

    US Open pick

    After watching yesterday’s round I’m not confident that I can break 100 there... and I’m a 6.5 hdcp at my home course. Still it would be interesting to try!! :) I’m rooting for Matsuyama but things are looking good for DJ. Though if Poulter can keep up the good rounds he may stay in contention!!
  14. Was thinking of forgiving cavities like Epon AF 505 or Seven MCBs I have Modus 120 S in my Seven x Shinagawa MBs and I think they are a good match. Monaco’s in the Shinagawas I tried before but did not work out too well.
  15. Monacos are coming my way. I get a Toblerone too? :) For the last 2 years I have been mainly using 100g to 105g shafts due to a left hand injury that I inflicted upon myself from too much practice!! Earlier this year, I realized how bad my iron game was and went back to heavier steel and PRESTO! the inconsistency in my iron shots magically disappeared. ( well... mostly ) I think I am almost 100% recovered from with my hand issue and thus it made sense to go back to heavier steel shafts. I have now switched back to Modart 120 S , 120 X and 125 S in my iron sets and I just needed to give the Monaco S another shot. I am so happy that I did because with the lighter shafts, I was doing all sorts of unnatural things like flipping and scooping .. you name it. I'm in the process of deciding what heads to use with these Monacos.
  16. Pm sent on the Monacos. Would like to see pics.
  17. nobmontana

    Benock Questions Thread

    I have one Gold’s and one Benock both made of JIS303. Gold’s has added Tungsten weights and shafted with a Dogatti (I.e. modified ). And my Benock is custom milled to my specs and being used as is, straight out of the factory. Both are awesome feeling putters but ironically, neither get gamed on my Saturday Men’s club events... I have an Odyssey O-Works 7S for that. It’s just an easier putter for me when the pressure is on.
  18. Love all the wild caught Salmon from the region. Very very delicious indeed.
  19. Found this shaft used on a Jean Baptiste driver I found on a Japanese auction site. Described as a Korean made shaft called "Prism" not yet officially released in Japan. It looks like it has sections of the shaft that are asymmetrical shaped and tapered for added rigidity? I think.... It's interesting!. Anyone have more info?
  20. nobmontana

    driver face material

    I looked some of them up.... :) What I was shocked to learn was that Cally already used SP700 back in 2009. and you still have one in your collection which means it survived the test of time while many other materials appeared and disappeared. Along with DAT55G, it shows the superiority of SP700 as face material.
  21. nobmontana

    driver face material

    ERC is SP700. Kamui is DAT55G , Egg are mostly 6-4 Ti , Epon used KS 100 back then, I think... Ryoma uses some oddball Ti. Not really sure about the others.
  22. These are Ti heads. Not just face but whole thing is Ti
  23. nobmontana

    Looking for a raw finish blade

    Yoro has raw options. I used to have a set of MP-64s that I bought from a member that was raw. very cool looking .... for us in the Pacific Northwest, getting them to rust uniformly should be a cinch!!
  24. nobmontana

    SP700 face drivers

    Do tell us how it works out for you!!
  25. nobmontana

    SP700 face drivers

    I have it built to 45.25" 320g D3 at the moment. Head weight is 200g. With my 100 mph or so SS I don't think I can handle the additional weight. I have a back up driver aan old Ping G20 at 207g head weight and while it provides good consistent straight drives, my SS suffers from the additional weight. I would like to lessen the effects of the weight being draw biased. I'll order a couple of weight screws to play around with and see if I can get a more neutral bias to the head. AAA '15 in 60g is not that stout. but it is a tip stiff shaft just the way I need it. Based on the swing analysis at Seven Dreamers a couple of years ago, I don't create a lot of lag in my down swing. thus I need a softer butt section to help create that lag with the shaft.