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  1. I think it's in the construction. The 9-GW are essentially one piece 1025 HD grain forged with a stainless steel weight on the back. 8 and longer heads are hollow construction with a maraging steel face. They really did a great job making it feel very nice compared to other multi material "Forged" irons. Hardly any clickiness at impact. I praise Mizuno for accomplishing that. However, the forgiveness that they brought to the head is essentially working against me in that they focused too much on reducing the distance gap on off-center hits which is not a bad thing at all.... but it see
  2. After using the Mizuno Pro 225 irons for a couple of months, I was unable to come to terms with the occasional +10 to 15 yards with the 7 and 8 irons. The 7 iron distance varied from 150 to 170 yards on decent hits. 8 iron was 130 to 150 yards. A 20 yard variance in that distance range can be deadly and highly impactful on your score. For a moment, I thought getting extra yards with the irons could be beneficial... but it turns out consistency predictable distances totally outweighs the added distance. With that, I am saying farewell to the 225s ... and going back to my beat up I
  3. Hey guys, hope your Spring season golf is going well! I need to clear up some stuff I acquired over the winter and early spring. Yamaha RMX 120 driver 9.5 deg head only with shaft adapter included. 8.5/10 Cond. crown has minor scratches if you look really carefully but faint enough that it's not showing in the pics. Head cover in excellent condition included. $150 + actual shipping 2016 RS-F 10.5deg Stock Stiff shaft 9.9/10 condition. Unused but it is missing the head cover. This is the infamous dr
  4. I don't think they had "TP" models for the R7 Forged irons. .... R9 Forged came in regular and TP versions. Regardless, the R7 Forged were the player's model irons in the R7 lineup. I actually prefer this R7 Forged over the R9 TP Forged. I still have an orphaned #5 iron I picked up years ago. 🙂 Not sure if they were Miura forged... they definitely do feel like they are Miura forged. The current P7MCs remind me very much of these R7 Forged irons as well as the TP forged from back then. Though they were really sought after at the time, they unfortunately do not hold much
  5. So I've been actually staying away from a true 3W until this one. I've used a 16.5 deg 4W most of last season and an adjustable 5W turned down to 17 deg before that. I thought I would like the head profile of the shallower Rogue ST Max more... but the Rogue ST LS sits so nicely and perfectly square at address and it is surprisingly very very forgiving. I did prefer the feel and sound at impact with the Epic Speed FW... Rogue ST is quieter and a bit mushy at impact... but performance wise very very capable. I'm hitting my driver 240 yards on average ... and just yesterday, I hit
  6. Not sure what it is about this shaft but it just works for me better than the rest. 60S in driver and 60X in the fairways.
  7. Most of last year I played the Tourstage GR with Project X LZ 5.5 shafts and then most recently went back to ID BLs with Modus 120 Stiff. At the start of '22, I started to look for a new set of irons. One that helps me regain a bit of distance and one that looks and feels good. I've looked at mostly the so called "player's distance" category like TM P770, Titleist T100S, Srixon ZX-5, Callaway Apex Pro etc... After a few test and fitting sessions, I ended up ordering a set of Mizuno Pro 225 with Modus 115 Stiffs. During the fitting sessions, I felt that this combo gave me the b
  8. Buy, Sell, & Trade Free B/S/T listings for those who wish to sell their personal golf equipment or advertise their ebay auctions. This service is NOT for those selling retail goods for profit under no circumstances. Buy/Sell/Trade RULES! BUY/SELL/TRADE RULES Please post in the appropriate forum. We are getting tired of constantly moving people's posts and will delete from now on instead. The main area of the BST is for Used Japanese Golf Clubs Only There are two sub forums USDM Gear For Sale and Want To Buy. ** Each For Sale listing MUS
  9. Yes ... they were saying even though it is a blade/MB design, the weight distribution seemed to be more CB like (i.e. perimeter weighting) Nice pick up on those CBI-80 Ltd shafts. Still think they are the best feeling graphite iron shafts to this day. Though my back is hurting just looking at the "X Flex" letters. I have them in the Red Regular flex and are plenty stiff for me. 🙂
  10. Seems like Fourteen has been releasing a few blades this past year or so. TB5, TB7 and now the RM ... I like this RM the best out of the three. RM name comes from their wedge line up which stands for "Reverse Muscle" where the blade portion of the head gradually gets thicker towards the top line which suggesting a higher CG to make it easier to produce more back spin. It will be interesting to see the trajectory of this high CG head design combined with strong lofts. Shidaru TV did a nice review of these irons recently and they were pretty impressed with them.
  11. Product of all the agonizing personal trial and error of experiments!! 🙂
  12. Also ... I don't think you are getting enough launch angle with either one of these 4 irons anyway... Your descent angle of 28 deg is not going to stop your ball...my recommendation would be to ditch the long irons and go with Utes. my longest iron is now a 6 iron (30 deg) ... 4i & 5i have been replaced with hybrids so that the ball actually has a chance of stopping when landing on the green. My descent angle with the hybrids are about 50 deg. I also use the original Honma TW-U 4 driving iron in another set and that 4 iron goes as high as my hybrid with a Crazy STP 85 s
  13. Spin is good as long it doesn't hurt your numbers. From these comparison, the 8001 is a better choice I think. For the other steel shafts you use, what flex are you using? Slower swing speed does not immediately equate to lighter shafts..but perhaps you might do better with a softer flex? Since 8001 only has a single flex and they have a huge inventory issue, since Modus 120 S plays very similar to K's 8001 just slightly heavier... I wonder if you'd fit well into a Modus 120 R ... compared to a Modus 120, 105 are slightly spin reducing ( if that is what you need... ) pe
  14. I've used the 8001 about 5 years ago.... did like them except they were a bit too spinny for me back then. It might actually work better for my current swing speed... but I have been having a hard time sourcing a new set... the two online vendors I bought from previously are all sold out. CPM wise, Ks' 3001 - 105 (S flex) is about 8 cpm higher compared the K's 8001 (Uniflex) I do know that K's 8001 is a bit flexier compared to other typical stiff iron shafts but if they are working well for you, I'd stay with them. K's 3001 105 S may feel almost a full flex stiffer. I d
  15. I remember Ryo Ishikawa long time ago used to carry one in his bag to use at warm ups before a round... swing speed measurement was his way of measuring physical condition for that day which I think is also a legit way to use one ... different day, different swing (speed)
  16. I just find the shape of the Apex series of hybrids harder to align to the target, my 5H is staying in the bag though!! Distance wise it only goes the same as my 5 iron but the height I get with the trajectory is night and day.
  17. One of my all time fave Tourstage irons. GLWS!!
  18. This year's Rogue ST Pro has a head shape identical to the MAVRIK Pro. Probably my favorite head shape of all hybrids. Apex Pro's shape is not my favorite but its the only compact hybrid that comes in a 5H @ 26 deg loft.
  19. I've used the Romaro type R 18 deg for a while and they were really hot off the face thanks to a Ti face. they are a bit mid size though.... Lately all my woods have been USDM including hybrids. and despite the busier looks, most of the better players hybrids are very playable and easy to control. I don't have a 2 iron replacement but my current hybrids are 23 deg MAVRIK Pro / Diamond Speeder HB and 26 deg Apex Pro / LinQ Hybrid
  20. I had the Yupiteru ATLAS GST-6W... great tool. but after 6 years or so, the internal rechargeable battery is now dead and can't hold charge. So I need to use it along with an external USB battery pack connected to it... 😞 While the accuracy of these things is questionable , I still find it very useful for comparing distances I get against different clubs or head-shaft combos. As with any launch monitor, the measurement comparison needs to happen on the same device... ( i.e. you can't compare Trackman data against a Yupiteru. )
  21. Daiwa is OnOff's parent company. not sure who forged these models or the era. Likely late 70's or 80's I believe the Blade TF2 were Miura forged I think they were rebranded Miura Giken mb5002 https://forums.golfwrx.com/topic/1390992-miura-blade-tf2-question/ Both very classy!!
  22. Spoon, can you PM me details of the offender?
  23. Agreed. It's like a Diamana Blueboard for Compo Techno. My equivalent would be the Kurokage Proto 2013. When it doubt I always go back to it.
  24. The Max WBQ shaft is Money!!! Played that shaft for a while in a P-Tune driver. Those were the good old days for me when I could carry 265 yds... Sigh...
  25. Very very good head this one. I had three RPM heads at one point. 2 x 9 deg.... and a 10 deg... the 9 deg were so low launch I had to be very careful with the shaft selection. At the end 10 deg for me was the winner!
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