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    Im studying Mathematics with a special interest in differential geometry and potential applications in finance.

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    The mother of all bubbles...
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    Clubs:Miura,PRGR,Yururi Ball:Tourstage Grip:No.1 Acces.: WinWinStyle
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    Love... and a Bridge-Stone Science Eye for when the swing seems funny..... and various Win Win Style head-covers so I can switch them up whenever I get bored .... and a travel humidor with Davidoff Cigars for when the moment is right.... and only colored balls (Tourstage -im into blue ones right now) because life is too short to not have color... and
  1. Making the switch...

    thats an interesting way of winning an debate. Censor the other guy :) I dont suppose this post will make its way onto the board so adieu to this forum and TSG.
  2. Making the switch...

    I believe what you described there was a tennis racquet... Haha, sigh.. yes industry standard for oh so many reasons - cheaper, easier, inexpensive componentry, rapid assembly Im confused why a forged club cant heavily weight the toe and heel. Sure an oversized forging could weigh a great deal, but I dont think the discussion was about oversized irons. Simply irons for the mid-capper looking to tighten up the game. In which case dispersion is absolutely synonymous for forgiveness. Multipeice irons are junk, they allow people to cover up the flaws of an ugly swing by strapping a trampoline to a stick and letting a crap swing produce indifferent results. Get some clubs that provide feedback and consistency, then work on your game and improve. Do the work gents... on the range.. No agenda here either..
  3. Making the switch...

    The argument just doesnt hold. It makes no sense that a n-peice iron for any n >1 could ever outperform a 1 piece forging which has been hammered multiple times. The temperament which is achieved by heating, hammering, heating, hammering produces a tighter molecular density for a more consistent shot dispersion for both the low and high player
  4. Making the switch...

    i also think the "dont have the technology or know how" is a little hilarious.
  5. Best Feeling/Looking Players CB

    Seconding the KM-0107 and RC BBDs
  6. New Kenmochi Products Official Topic

    obnoxious may have been overkill... but its one of the worst toplines for a forged JDM design I have seen. Not as bad as some of the garish stuff they sell in the states
  7. Making the switch...

    exhib a: http://www.miuragolf.com/passingpoint-PP9003.asp - have you swung it? exhib b: http://www.miuragolf.com/shop_mc102.asp - classic iron for the 10-15 HcP - I.E. game improvement
  8. Best Feeling/Looking Players CB

    oh - or for some outside the box thinking - KZG makes a great set of tour cavity backs. http://www.kzgolf.com/sites/courses/layout9.asp?id=588&page=37679
  9. Best Feeling/Looking Players CB

    God we get it.. epon epon epon epon epon epon. Break the monotony - get a set of Yururi, Miura, or even yamaha and you will be a happy man. Im with (Supo) I think it was - who was just selling his Epons, Ive tried and tried and they jsut dont work for me, and to be completely honest.. I can hit most clubs so long as they are half decent.
  10. Making the switch...

    .... Im sorry.... Thats just false. I dont really have much else to say on that front.
  11. New Kenmochi Products Official Topic

    http://www.golfshaftsasia.com/miura/mc-102.php That is the top line on the 102 cavity back from Miura - not a muscle back. I dont like how the finish in the impact area extends to the top-line. Im not sure what you mean either - I suspect we are seeing things differently which is natural. Anyway - doest suit my eye AT all. But it could be somebody elses favorite. W/e suits your eye..
  12. next time im in japan we must play a round then hit up some scotch :D
  13. nice sounds like some good stuff. I find those malts to be a peaty, they almost mask other flavors - but then I know lots of people who can down through the peat and unlock at the flavor. My standard right now is a Benromach 21y/o from speyside, delicious honey with a touch of smoke. Get around to a bottle of 18y/o yamazaki when you have the chance, it won a fair number of awards at the international spirits festival. Definitely I high quality malt. Its basically a sotch malt from Hokkaido :)
  14. Making the switch...

    no problem, be sure to tell us how it goes :)
  15. New Kenmochi Products Official Topic

    #1 - Its THICK #2 - Broken into 3 Visible sections making it feel busy #3 its rolling, it isnt a smooth line from front to wake it peels off at the toe and why would you apply the same finish to the topline as the face? Why the unnecessary bending and odd thickness... here is a proper topline for a cavity back http://www.golfshaftsasia.com/images/miura/mc-102-03.jpg