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  1. Thanks for the responses guys! Yes, the SS502 is another club I'm considering. I like the clean lines. Good to know its a "political" reason behind why they're not here, and not because they're crap. Haha... I'm intrigued by A-Grind now. Better go have a look-see...
  2. I just demo'd a Sonartec driver today and got some impressive (for me) figures. The forged cup face felt really soft and springy too. No, these aren't the old ones with the u-shape on the sole. This is the "new" Sonartec, and their website is here: http://www.sonartec-s.com I know they have an English version, but the drivers only appear on the Japanese site. Apart from the CBs, I think they have some pretty nice looking clubs. Anyone here have any experience with these?
  3. Although a BSG'er for a long time, even I am getting a bit disenchanted with the way things are going there regarding the $1,000 shafts. I can't wait for the results of this test.
  4. I played the MR23s about 4 years ago, and the z101s are still in one of my bags. All I can remember about the MR23s is that they are MUCH shorter heel-to-toe. Therefore, even though they are a CB design, the compact head made the sweet spot TINY. I just didn't feel confident with them, and I would go so far as to say that modern blades with longer heel-to-toe lengths and strategically placed weight (or "muscle" in Mizuno-speak) are more forgiving. My 2 cents...
  5. I just bought an X-Drive with PT6 too. Can anyone tell me the characteristics of this shaft? I think its great, and I'd like to be able to look for similar specs in any other shafts that I may try out. I'm sorry, but I can't seem to find much info anywhere.
  6. I play the new X-Blades (with Tour Concept X1s), and to date, they are the easiest blades that I have ever played. Sure, being a blade, they can be unforgiving at times, but when compared to other more "serious" blades, they are certainly MUCH easier to play. The tungsten inserts really do help with the long irons, and I would recommend them if you HAVE to play a blade.
  7. How about this? http://www.dancewithdragon.com/ A lot of funky accessories, and very pricy.
  8. 300 sets? You're talking about the Maru wedges, not the new X-Blades, right? BTW, nice to "meet" you Aluinser. Nice to see HK'ers here, other than Taipanli!!! :cool: :wink:
  9. I had the same problem. I was looking at a set of the new X-Blades that came with this shaft, but the only information (in English) that I found was at... umm... HERE! It was deeply hidden within Chris' blogs, but I can't seem to find it anymore. I remember it said something like the "M" stands for Maruyama, the "266" is to commemorate his score of 266 somewhere, but I can't remember what the "V" stands for. The shafts are designed to elevate long-iron shots, but keep short irons low, much like TT's Tour Concept. However, the long irons are also designed to be heavier. I don't quite understand this, but then again, I don't understand Maruyama's preference for a C9 swingweight in his wedge either. Anybody else want to chime in?
  10. These are 39mm (the part above ground), and the only other I've seen is 29mm (perfect for those deep-faced fairway woods). Daiya is a LARGE manufacturer of golf accessories, and you can find their stuff almost EVERYWHERE. Go to THEIR WEBSITE for an idea of the stuff they have. I also use a lot of their practice accessories too!
  11. Used to use those, but the problem is that they go flying all over the place, and therefore are way too easy to lose. Losing tees that cost that much just isn't cool. Then I changed to these. Takes a lot of abuse to break, and I NEVER lose them.
  12. Ooh... I don't think those X-Blades are gonna' be out for quite a while. I would expect May to see them in person.
  13. Nowhere near as sweet as that girl in your avatar! Oh wait... Where were we? Oh, PUMA! Yes, they have really nice golf accessories. Good quality and nice design. Their range of shoes could easily give Nike a run for their money.
  14. I voted 03 because I had no choice. I read that these X wedges had box grooves, and I ran out and bought the only set I knew were available. Now though, I prefer the 01, although I've never been too fussy with my wedges as long as they aren't too large, or have too much offset.
  15. Thats not true, perhaps that was true a year ago but not anymore. Wedge companies come in and out, MOZ had the #1 count in 1999. Fourteen in 03 or 04 ( not sure ) and now from what I hear its the Tourstage X-Wedges. Yeah not many know of Zodia in Japan not many stores carry them. X-Wedge? :cool: Don't you just love the dynamicism of the Japanese market? Perfect if you're a 'ho, but not good at all if you're trying to save :money: BTW, thanks very much for ALL the pictures Chris!!! :-)
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