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    Japanese single malts & cohibas

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    Ryoma, Epon, Crazy & Scotty Tour putters
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    Ryoma vspc 9.5, Adila Rogue Tour 125MSI Kamui TP 07, DiaX 60s Ryoma F2 Czy FW80 7.7 Titliest FD, Czy fw50 sigma 7.4 Titliest HD 20 crazy utility Epon 703 Modus 125 Onoff 2013 forge, Ctapers Vokey forge 54 & 62deg shimada ks120 Scotty Cameron Tours GSS & 009
  1. HNY people !! currently using a modus3 tour 125 ( stiff ) on my irons & thinking of changing to a PX LZ or modus 105 / 130. Anyone tried the LZ yet ? Comparison ? Thanks
  2. i have a 10deg on a diamana x 60g stiff. Low, penetrating flight. not the most forgiving head but longest i have hit
  3. cant wait for the reviews. my fav is the original d1 vspec, still have it & game it occasionally. tried the maxima d couple of years ago, didnt like it - sound & wgt. Sold it quickly. hopefully this 3rd version is diff.
  4. Hey there. Looking to get the yuyuri 52/58 set thats on sale. What are the bounces on thse pls ? Thks

  5. i hv coup,e of the original crazy black utility shaft & have not changed them since. Lots of heads have gone through it. Its a shaft that you can go at it & wont go left. how do these new ones compare ?
  6. i've have 2 black utility for 4-5 yrs - keeper - i must hv had at least 10-15 ut heads in team over the years. still performs. Low, penetrating, anti right.....bad shots are low hooks. what are the differences between te black ute & the new ones pls ? Thks
  7. Thks. Will hb a look
  8. Not really, looking for one closer to an iron like ibird or callaway apex. Its like the first adams hybrid i had years ago
  9. hi looking at a more iron like hybrid, strong loft 17-18deg. Narrowed down to ibird, egg & callaway apex. I read ibird is the longest & most forgiving ? Thks
  10. I had my 125msi rogue on a ryoma d1, like a bullet but absolutely no air at all. Tough shaft, just need to find a combo thats right. Just put in a kamui tp07 10 deg, so lets see. agree not long but super tight
  11. looking for an iron like ut, came across callaway apex & the eggs. whats the diff between egg +i vs normal egg utility pls ? Thks
  12. anyone hit these side by side vs the legendary tp07 yet ?
  13. yammy v forge tour model, 2012 for me. Loved those clubs & regret selling them. Not the softest but somehow worked for me
  14. Cant find any thread / reviews on jbm hybrids. anyone has tried / view on these ? Thks