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  1. Still for sale? If yes,how much US  $ ? Thanks 

  2. Picked them up this Morning .... first Impressions : look as good as any New Wedge Ive Had, nice attention to detail. loft numbers are a little hard to see/ make out AND the weights seem a Tad Heavier than advertised ie: 52 *is 303gram, while the 56* is 306gram hoping this doesn't make for any issues
  3. Still looking
  4. Mine in the Post... Review will be done once Built!
  5. What are we looking at here?
  6. Will to trade for ZY-11
  7. I think I Static fit would need to be Done... best at get my passport out, and Jet2.com rung up!!
  8. I'm in for one! i think it's the best looking Driver I e seen for ages....
  9. I'm away till Sunday... £250 posted world wide ( apart from OZ, due to high postage cost)
  10. Edit: apart from me, even though I had a confirmation email from Chris thanking me for my Testimonial..
  11. So everyone's a winner?
  12. Chris, Out of curiosity , how many Toal entries were they?
  13. My only regret was selling my Golds I had made for me!
  14. New price
  15. I can see sheep on 5 iron?