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  1. I have one with an R1 tip. Plays 45"
  2. I still haven't found a wedge to kick my vokeys out of the bag.
  3. Miura irons never disappoint! I played the MB5003 for a while and agree, although small and thin, they were actually plenty forgiving.
  4. nice iron! this might make it into my bag.
  5. HUGE thanks! Can't wait to hear all about it! I think they carry epon stuff.
  6. Yeah, I'm not interested in those shafts or heads. I'm under the impression they carry a lot of JDM shafts to get fit, is this not the case? (GD, Fujikura, Mitsubishi-Rayon, etc)
  7. 93-95mph, 228 carry sounds about right... I suggest hitting the gym, lol.
  8. That really sucks! I was actually thinking of going this year, glad I didn't. Thank you and your crew for toughing it out! So far, I'm loving the Buchi stuff!
  9. Has anyone from Thailand been fit here? Or anyone for that matter? If so, please talk about your experience. Thanks! http://www.facebook.com/cnxgolf.page http://www.cnxgolf.com/
  10. TSG, can you please cover some PRGR and TOURSTAGE specifically the GR line... thanks!
  11. Keep it! It's a really nice looking club.
  12. any launch monitor vids?
  13. Good to hear! What's your swing speed? Do you have any LM data with it?