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  1. What did Mickelson use to win the British Open in 2013? Callaway's Frankenwood, which turned out to be the original 3 Deep Pro as a retail product. That's my longest 3wd and honestly is even distance with my driver. 3 Deep Pro 14.5 with a Fubuki Alpha shaft, my choice for the longest 3 wd.
  2. Up for sale, PRGR Egg PX-03, 13 deg 3 wd, head only. $75 $50 Make an offer Sold. Honestly, this head is sitting in a desk drawer. It deserves a better home. A chance to feel the crisp air, dew of the morning grass, the poly of a golf ball. It's a sad existence in a drawer, always dark. Someone give this egg a new home. One of the easiet and longest 3 woods to hit. The original egg. thx for looking.
  3. For sale, Edel Brick Gold, First Run, 1 of 100 putter. $200.00 $160.00 $150.00 + shipping. Literally used for only 2 rounds and that head cover is pretty cool. thanks for looking.
  4. HI Everyone. Up for sale are 3 items. Shipping is USPS from New Jersey. Sorry, no international shipments. Price includes shipping. Payment via paypal. Up first. The longest of long drivers. Jbeam 435 with Crazy CB-50 7.4 shaft. Loft is 10degs and sits square. Club is in good condition, no dings or skymarks. Asking $525 $575 Next up Original Egg 13 deg 3wd with Graphite Design AD DI 5s shaft. Club is in average condition. I'd say this is .5inches longer than standard 3wd. The headcover is pretty worn out. Asking $175 $200 Last up. Ash's / Stew's Miura km35
  5. I have one too. It believe it's 34". I got it from Ash (akapur) who got it from Stew (supo67). Let me now if you're interested.
  6. Originally from Michigan but have lived in SF, Toronto, NYC, Hong Kong, and finally NW Jerz..with plans to move part-time to Florida (Orlando and Coral Gables). Recently retired from software design at Oracle and now help out my wife who is in bridal retail - 6 stores spread throughout the US and Hawaii. I'm not really retired, just didn't want to work at Oracle anymore. Don't play enough to have an official handy, but I shoot low 80s. Love the game and am a golf club junkie. Glued to the tube for most major events. Almost missed a flight watching lefty win the open. Got into JDM to maximiz
  7. I sold my premia and have the type G maxima. I think the maxima is longer and just as forgiving. I do feel the premia is softer off the face. If you are itching to tinker, I'd recommend the maxima.
  8. Yikes.. What's in the bag?? No 425, no ryoma, no 435... Great guy to deal with GLWS
  9. Stew, just bought an original Egg in 13 with an ad di. I think I look in your bag for guidance.
  10. Pete didn't buy my v201.. Why no love Pete... But he did buy my Yamaha v440 and I was surprised that Craig had this listed as his number 4 driver of all time. Agree with SteveO, Yourpressed is a good guy and this is a great club.. low launcher.. easy to hit.. soft face.. and is like forrest gump.. runs for days. GLWS.
  11. I jumped on this bandwagon and am not looking back, well, I look back to see how far ahead I am of my playing partners. I really love this driver and when hit square on the face, it is the longest of the long.
  12. Sold: this little lady is spoken for. Thanks to the buyer (a TSG regular) and to TSG.
  13. HI Carlo. Yes, the club is assembled. Been playing it since April. I'll get more pics of it tonight.
  14. Ryoma Premia 9.5 with Crazy Boron S1 shaft w/ two tree logo. Plays 45.25, not sure of swing weight. I believe head weight is 197g. Shaft was original, never pulled. Asking $675 + shipping. $SOLD Will take better pictures tonight. I hate this place. Before coming to this site I was a 1 driver every 2 years kinda fellow. Now i'm a pump and dump Ho. In the last 1 1/2 season I've gone thru 7 JDM drivers. Not proud of myself, but misery loves company. This Ryoma is a low bomber. Favorite driver for out west because the ground is hard and this thing rolls for days. The premia is advertise
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