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  1. Modart is making some truely unique clubs. Their entire line up has a quality finish you can see and I love how there is so much detailed work that goes into each club. It really is a piece of art! This is one of the very few sets where I would understand if someone got them just to hang on the wall or display purposes.
  2. Good point. As long as this conversation on "innovation" keeps going, we can expect new equipment on the market each year. :) Hard to argue against physics, but since golf involves so many variables there is way more to it than equations. I've seen both distance gains and losses from lighter/heavier, older/newer technology. It's all about finding what works best for you. (You can see many tour players still use older model clubs if that's what they like) But with this all aside, it is very interesting to see how far the industry has come. It can't hurt to try the new innovations, as it may just be the perfect fit for you.
  3. Ready for ordering>>> http://www.tourspecgolf.com/modart-mwc-a55-g-wedge With a price tag like this, I might frame and keep on the wall. lol
  4. Both Srixon and Bridgestone is looking good this year! Love how Srixon still has the 400cc driver. Clean looking woods and irons as always and you can never go wrong with them. Too bad they lost Jim Furyk, we should start seeing some clubs in the European and US tour players' bags. (They've really grown their golf ball brand well over the last few years!)
  5. The Romaro Ray H has been flying under the radar, but it stacks up against any other forged CB clubs out there. Feel, workability and distance is all there. Very forgiving for what could be called a "players club". I think the 46* PW is a bit too strong for many of the low cappers and professionals. (Although, many companies use this as a standard loft)
  6. One of the best driving irons out on the market today. Very versatile and can be worked both directions. Love the shape as it sets up close to the irons and makes for an easy transition. Host of the Honma staffers have this in the bag regardless of which model iron they play. Was designed for the better players, but I don't see why a mid capper can't get results with this. Very easy to control
  7. I can see why this one's gaining popularity on the long drive circuit. Keeps the ball on a flat trajectory and is more forgiving across the face than previous jBeams. You can go after it without worrying too much about center of face contact.
  8. So we got alot of new shafts coming up. Here's one of them, the Diamana Type R. It is actually a successor to the M series which was made for enhanced "kick". It has a tightened torque with a mid kick, but has an active tip section to help get an easier launch off the club. With alot of very low spinning driver heads coming out, looks like shafts are going for something that will help get the ball up in the air with these heads.
  9. I've tried the TW455 model and had a good experience. I think Honma did a great job with all the new TW line up. The 455 driver was very easy to get in the air and very forgiving. Wouldn't say it's the longest, but it is very respectable and considering the forgivieness and stability in ball flight, it is a good club to consider putting in the bag. Very appealing for those looking to post a score.
  10. It's been a while... but good time to chime in as I just got my set of the Honma 717M's two days ago. I got it in the Modus3 130. Solid looking, compact head with minimal offset. It's one pretty club. It feels very solid off the face and produces good distance. It's not buttery soft, but solid soft... if that makes sense. Compared to the Flatbacks, I can feel more muscle behind the ball at impact and great stability. I like feeling alot of compression and the head cutting through some turf.
  11. Anyone here try out the Dogatti shaft by Muziik? It is their lower priced shaft (still around $600) and have had a few requests for them this month. It is a 50T carbon material with 5 Axis 40T carbon layer placed over the it. It is said to be very stable and smooth in feel. And cost effective... just a lil... Comes in R/67g/240cpm - S/69g/260cpm - X/71g/280cpm.
  12. The Glorious was intended for the slower swing speed players, but I think it can work well for higher swing speed players with a low launch shaft. Very forgiving across the face and easy to launch. Very low on spin.,
  13. I'd say the .388 and the RF800 are very close. The RF800 is much more forgiving IMO. It's cool to see a HI COR driver what can be appreciated by the lower hcp players.
  14. The Yonex, REXIS XELA will come out in 31 grams and will replace the TRPX Air (33grams) as the lightest in the world! They will be applying their "Nanometric" technology which is a new material said to be lighter and stronger than ever. With a growing senior golfer market in Japan, look out for more light weight shafts to come! Will be available in September.
  15. I actually have TM sending me a few things including a 430. I'll let you know what I think. TRPX and jBeam are also good choices to look at if you like something more compact. Major brands such as TM are good, but once you get some of these boutique brand goods, you will notice the quality difference!
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