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  1. A Grind 4 Hybrid, Crazy STP Utility Shaft. #4 24 degrees. Top notch head, shaft and grip. Face shows some signs of wear. Crown clean. Shaft immaculate. Grip as new - Iomic. Very high end shaft see https://www.tourspecgolf.com/crazy-stp-utility-shaft.html Very high end head see http://blog.tourspecgolf.com/a-grind-dst-utility-wood/ Looking for 200USD excluding delivery charges. OPEN TO OFFERS. Can quote on delivery from UK.
  2. Onoff 5-pw Roddio I-8 irons Really nice condition US$300
  3. Mint condition; comes with wrench and weight kit With factory fitted Speeder 661 S shaft Golf Pride VDR grip. Plays at 45". Seeking US$450 OBO excluding delivery charges
  4. Great condition. Small scratch on crown prob not visible at address. More pronounced scratch on sole. Face nice and clean. Have tried to show true condition. US$100 OBO please excluding deivery
  5. The feel is really amazing too. Addictive. But...I'm stuck on my old Scotty.
  6. Mint condition. Brilliant craftsmanship. Asking US$300 excluding delivery.
  7. How does this play Spoon? I have a Romaro UT 18* - I think you are in the market for one
  8. thank fellas. maybe wrong but i feel right hand is slightly dominant too. guess its whatever gives you that nice feel.
  9. Have a few items that need to be used. Open to sensible offers. Crazy LY-01 R 3w length (in Ping V2 Rapture now); whole club US$170 or split US$140 shaft Crazy FW80 6.4 ® 5w length (in Ping V2 Rapture); whole club US$170 or split US$140 shaft Crazy TJ46 Noir 6.7 1060mm US$120 Fujikura Speeder 657 Boron R uncut US$110 NS Pro Regio 65S plays 45" in driver SOLD Romaro Ray Ti UT 18* NS Pro 950GH S SOLD Yonex nanov 10* Axiv V7068 45" US$150 Happy to supply more photos and information. Will quote normal post to courier from Melbourne.
  10. I think they are one and the same. See the info on TSG.
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