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  1. As a new father at 27 and a new father at 54, I can suggest to you first-hand to slow down and take it all in and enjoy it. When I was 27, I was so focused on the world out there and everything in it that I did not stop and smell the coffee as it were. Now, things have slowed down and I can relax a little bit (a lot!) more and enjoy and appreciate the little things. I missed out on some things when I was younger, won't make the same mistake now. Congrats and good luck!
  2. Ahh, you followed my sage advice. LOVE Mauna Kea, but haven't been in 20+ years and won't be going anytime soon.
  3. That's great to hear, T! Enjoy your family while you can. There's never enough time. Last week, I was in Marrakech at my oldest daughter's wedding. Last month I was enrolling my 2 middle daughters at Southern Methodist Univ. and high school, and 7 months ago was with my wife as she birthed our twins. Enjoy every minute of it and I'm glad you're around. I was afraid something bad had happened, either professionally or personally.
  4. Yoro's aren't in the same class as Miura custom grinds. Not even close. And Bradley Hughes knows more about the golf swing than all of us combined.
  5. IMO Mauna Kea is the best course on the Big Island. And I think it's recently been "freshened up" as the hotel was. Way better than the Waikaloa's. Four Seasons course is supposed to be good too, haven't played it.
  6. I like a firmer grip with maybe some cord on it with irons and wedges where I'm hitting with a steeper AoA and hitting the ground pretty hard. With driver, where I don't need as secure of a grip, I like a little softer grip for feel.
  7. Close, but still a bit too busy for my taste. Perhaps my age is drawing me to something a little less understated:
  8. If you're considering graphite, I would strongly suggest the money you would use on those and get a lesson or 2. You'll be happier long-term IMO. That much spin with DG shafts only really happen if the shaft is too soft for you or you're coming in awfully steep. IDK if anything will be, or even SHOULD be, THAT much lower-spinning than DG.
  9. Yeah, it's a Road ID wristband. Cyclists wear them to notify drivers or EMS as to who we are and how to contact our families and what medical conditions we may have if we get injured badly. My wife won't let me leave the house on my bike w/o it on. She doesn't ask if I'm wearing my helmet, only if I have my RoadID on. lol
  10. That's a good-looking driver at set-up. Reminds of a Yamaha Tour at address.
  11. Shiny and curved is never a good mix for irons. Not liking that at the moment.
  12. These do look great indeed. Isn't 46* pretty much std now for PW's in cavity players's clubs? I know Miura uses 47 on almost all of their sets but it seems like TS, Yam, etc all are using 46 mostly.
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