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  1. Can't wait to see him play again. Hope this time he is back for real. https://t.co/FNeLL6Imxg

  2. Made to win! New RMX series launching soon! - https://t.co/MEo22SirjV

  3. These Cobra irons have dropped in price! Check them out! KING F7 & KING F7 ONE LENGTH (STEEL) ------>$499.00... https://t.co/RN5ctLOdbZ

  4. Callaway price reduction! Steelhead XR iron, X16, hybrids and more! - https://t.co/T2fdvtBkI3

  5. Our customers have been asking us many questions about Titleist's NEW AVX ball!!! Is it a premium ball? How does... https://t.co/wbfh6EZ01F

  6. Background: 1 handicap player height: 6 foot weight: 145lbs age: 19 years old currently gaming epon af-302 irons... https://t.co/an7tojJe9J

  7. Unfortunate for Scott McCarron but definitely a great social media clip! It's not the drivers fault https://t.co/2QeuRNwD8M

  8. Pre-order now: Callaway Apex MB and X Forged irons! - https://t.co/RfmXBFqc2W

  9. Very helpful chart!!! #Golf #PING https://t.co/GsyxU2QGAr

  10. Introducing the Taylor Made P730 - the blade......... and Hot custom irons - https://t.co/j9UCro6VAu

  11. Getting fit for clubs are very important. Especially wedges. You can customize shaft, lie, loft, length, grip to... https://t.co/U7WnwF99Px

  12. Fairway Golf is located in San Diego. So we usually do not get too cold or wet all year round. Not everyone can... https://t.co/klXicZISAf

  13. Can't wait to see him back! Will he be back for Torrey Pines in San Diego for 2018? https://t.co/4Zo0USQhn1

  14. Titleist 718 irons and 818 hybrid customization available at https://t.co/3T2xlvn9YD! See shaft chart to find the... https://t.co/UZcidtR12H

  15. Email [email protected] for more information on Miura golf clubs!!!... https://t.co/j3Kj1h0N07