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  1. Thanks, R. They're fun to game, for sure.
  2. There are far less expensive ways to achieve your aim.
  3. That's a beauty, S!! Lump's work is awesome. If you haven't gone the route of having one designed from scratch, I highly recommend it. Reach out if you ever want to see some inspiration, but the range of possibilities is staggering! Rob, brass, if the face was a little thicker on mine might have the most incredible combination of softness, density, and resonance. I love copper, so a solid billet milled to my specs is pretty special. The SS Dama is surprisingly soft, but this particular version is actually fairly ferrous, though won't rust. The copper nickel and niobium are incredible in their own right, but whether they are worth the significant upcharge (especially niobium, which is still below or well-below a Gold's or Benock) is certainly subjective. One can't go wrong with the metals that fit into base pricing: SS, carbon steel, copper, brass, aluminum bronze. A handmade Xenon, in my opinion, is the best value in putters. A custom BPUTTERS is phenomenal, too - fabulous Italian design and craftsmanship!
  4. I'm not a connoisseur of stainless steel varietals, but here is my collection of handmade Xenons, all made to my precise specs and design preferences. It would be hard to find a favorite as each had its nuance. I will say, though, that face thickness probably has the greatest impact on feel. Copper with Mokume Gane sight line Stainless Damascus with Copper sight line Niobium Brass Stainless with Mokume Gane insert Aluminum Bronze Copper Nickel
  5. Enjoy!!
  6. I've never even hit this set, and I believe the 9i is the only club that's touched a ball. $1,000 shipped US.
  7. Very good, C! I've got enough Baby Blades for your son and grandson and...
  8. I'm one of those poor saps who uses iron covers (keeps my gear in great condition and makes me look like a poser who couldn't possibly have nice gear), so I'll spray the inside of those as well. :)
  9. Awesome info as usual. Much obliged!
  10. Seriously. No knows this better than you, S! BTW, I'm picking up some Corrosion X for some raw heads thanks to you.
  11. I remember when these wouldn't have lasted 30 minutes on BST.
  12. Prices are shipped to US. I have the stock head covers even if not pictured . I will get a picture up with items and my user name. Modart 16* 3W - shafted with Crazy FW80 6.9 at 43" - lightly used, very good condition with only black face and a touch of leading edge showing wear. Prefer to sell as combo because it's just perfect as is. $old Crazy Black FW80 6.9 - 42.75" raw - very good condition pull - $old Crazy FW80 6.9 - 42.5" raw - very good condition pull - $old Shimada K's Tour 115 R - 3-Pw - new, uncut - $225 KBS CTaper S (120) - 3-Pw - new, uncut - $225 (Two sets available) Tourstage 14* X-FW Type-T - stock Tour ADv- 42.5" - excellent condition - $125 Kamui Works 10* Proto head - condition is ok; doesn't offend my perfectionist sensibilities at this price - $90
  13. I can't believe you're selling the FB, Mikey! Did you go with the Kyoei?
  14. I have a 16* Modart. PM me if interested.
  15. Got it, thanks again.
  16. Nice, thanks. Do the short irons have the same shape?
  17. Mikey, please speak to the differences between these and the Yururi FB.
  18. I've heard they play short as well.
  19. I'm looking to do a refinishing project and would love a well-used set, preferably 3-Pw, if anyone has a set lying around.
  20. Where did you get the information that the raw Vega are non-conforming? I don't see that anywhere and it doesn't jive with my understanding.
  21. Wow! Those make the 945 look like a training club...ginormous! Nobody can accuse you of not having an open mind, S.
  22. The best bang for the buck is a product that fits. The fact that Vega has so many models - hence the OP's question - is what virtually ensures getting one that suits. And Vega can be had quite inexpensively - far more so than any of the brands listed above with the possible exception of A Grind. In general, I find Vega perhaps the best band-for-the-buck brand out there...and I own a lot of gear.
  23. Super happy with every Vega product I've tried! The numbers are always spot on and the Kyoei feel is, well...awesome.
  24. I find the Miura K quite versatile. I love my 56* and want to add a 60* and move my (new) 52*.