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  1. If just the shaft alone, I'm not quite sure. I just bought a Geotech Aerial 168 alpha-spec with Airspeeder Plus for my dad. Don't forget give this super light combo a try. It took me me by surprise for it's consistency and the ease of use. The head is too thin for me to hit with full force so I can't tell how long it can go. All I can say, with effortless swing, this thing just go straight time and time again. If you worry about cracking the club face, go for the confirming version. It shouldn't let you down. The shaft is light and smooth. Most of all, it always keep you in the fairway.
  2. Yap,“ Whippy" is what I'm worry. Hope the Speed version could help with the issue.
  3. SP 93-96 mph Smooth temple but will try to hit hard from time to time I can't generate the highest swing speed all the time so hope this type of shaft could make up my shortage. I hope a shaft can get me the consistent result with my not so consistent body. Roddio Amorphous speed is what I have in mind. Too bad Beyond power is exclusive for Ryoma.
  4. Don't forget to give us a review at the time! Thanks!
  5. Check this out, guys! https://estivant.golf/product/es-460d/ Are they a real deal or just another fancy bull ? I tried to understand what they said in the web through google translate. What they stressed on are - How long the club can fly? How hard the club face can be? How good the materials they use? and so on but never exactly point out what materials they adopted in the head or shaft. Point is can they really get the job done or simply another bull with fancy look. (sorry, fail to upload the picture )
  6. I know there are Beyond power, Roddio Amorphous, Design tuning Moblus and so on. Anyone wanna talk about this kind of shaft? The hard part for buying JDM club is club fitting. You just hardly can do the fitting and adjusting physically. Does this type of shaft really help with the issue? How could we benefit from it?
  7. I think the multiple kick-point shaft which might benefit my inconsistent swing speed is another selling point of Ryoma . They did explain how it works to increase more yardage but by how much? Does the extra yardage match up the extra cost?
  8. As a 95mph SS, mid-handicapper, could I assume that Ryoma stands more chance to create freaky long shot than Jbeam Galpha does?
  9. From time to time, all manufacturers will claim have come up with the longest driver ever but it seemed only Ryoma did give people a wow factor at that time. Now many years have gone by and Ryoma has their own latest model - Maxima, other makers as well. I wonder the new Maxima can still duplicate that wow among these new comer. Compare to Jbeam Galpha, which will make the most of it for a mid-caper and swing around 94-96 mph.
  10. Metal Factory has some pretty appealing stuffs. Somehow, it's just off the radar in the forum. Did anybody have experience with their clubs and want to talk about it? The A7 has a very sleek looking. The new A9 seems to made with better material but not sure how do these clubs perform. By the way, they have pretty decent looking irons as well. Some guy said the J 2 iron is pretty long and not worse than Epon.
  11. I saw the new Quelot Aerial 168 with speeder zero in the shop. Is it for senior and lady only kind of driver? 168g head plus 35g shaft, you do the math! I'm sure this sure will add some yardage to the game. How about it's control ability and consistency? My swing speed is 94-96 mph and I broke my Rf 800 Hi-cor club face once before through normal swing. I'm not sure about this one.
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