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  1. I have destroyed the shaft of my PRGR 2015 egg UT, someone knos the tip diameter? 0.370? thanks to all four your help
  2. I sell The following EPON clubs: I-33 putter: price $299 o.b.o. AF-302, set 4-9i: price $550 o.b.o. AF-tour set 4-9i: price $500 o.b.o. If you need more pics, please let me to know it
  3. I have a Epon AF-302, in near new condition, flex CPM 268, price €550, the irons are in Spain, shaft Roddio pentacross I-6, be aware lenght #6i , also have one Epon set AF-tour 2 , 4-9i with kbs tour 90 CPM 282
  4. I will be pleased to know which are the more easiest& more forgiving with more forgiveness #4 iron , LOFT 24-25 º, if posible FORGED, in the following categories: 1.-Game improvement irons 2.-Players irons hdcp: 8-12 Thanks for your answers
  5. I will be pleased to know which were the best cavity, in previous years, and which are the best of 2019 and 2020 years , BUT with true lofts, ie #4...23-24º. Thanks
  6. which PRGR or onoff cavities model ? year? I need this information for to look into Yahoo auctions
  7. Many thanks for your help and time, I have bought many clubs following your advice and always all has been very good, I have 2 FX really good, but also have 435II and I want to know which one is youir prefered, thanks for your advice about Yamaha irons and wedges, really very very good, Which Honma cavity back is the best for ou? I have one muscleback very good but I want to try one cavity back for to mix a set. Regards
  8. Hi Supo, when you says that your prefered driver for distance is the Jbeam 435, are you talking about the FX model?, black model? 435II? 435R? thanks for your advice
  9. Epon AF-TOUR as news, with shafts KBS Tour 90, set is 4-9i Price: €650 or US$ 764 or best offer received before June 4th
  10. One set of the Epon personal 2.0 NEVER used, 4-PW, the PW don't have the shaft attached yet. As you can to see they have still the plastic bags on the heads. Shaft: MCI 60-S Price: €1.100 or best offer received before 4th June
  11. I use a RC SFD Ti 21º, but if flights a little too high and not very long, I´m thinking on XXIO and PRGR 2017 7W, any opinion? or do you prefers another ones, some one said me Crazy Ti or Grandista, both very expensive thanks
  12. Hi, Is there any advantage of one driver´s face with titanium TP2 against 6AL-4V?
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