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  1. I found out the hard way, placed an order two days later canceled.
  2. Gotta wait on the wedges now, EMS is not shipping to the US from Japan.
  3. Seems like everyone is loving the boutique wedges. If I'm being honest would prefer to stay more main stream like PRGR or Bridgestone that were mentioned. I am not ready to invest in building out a set of boutique wedges, with raw components (and shipping from Japan) yet, unless I find a awesome deal (which probably won't happen). Is TSG the only reputable place to get those heads in the US? supo, what year nablas are you talking about? Anybody game the Bridgestoe that were mentioned?
  4. I see this thread every couple of years and figured I would kick it off for 2020. I currently game the Yururi Raw Gekku in 49, 53 and 57. I love the spin and feel, but I'm tired of having to replace a ball everytime I take a full or 3/4 swing. Those things eat golf ball. So, I am in the market for some new wedges and was wondering if any of the new stuff is any good? I am looking for a versatile set since I swap out my irons pretty often. Currently rotating Yamaha 12 tour, Yamaha 14 mb, srixon 965, and the prgr nabla tours. I know a bunch of the older models are great, but I'm having a hard time finding anything in good condition. Any thoughts on the new Yamahas, prgr, Honma, fourteen anything in the last few years even worth looking at?
  5. I feel like we have a winner. Anyone else want to give us a glimpse into their club storage?
  6. Wow, that is a serious setup. I'm also digging the sets of clubs. Man I gotta to step my game up.
  7. I haven't played golf in a few years (3 kids under 5 will do that to you), but I have started to get back into the game. As I look in my closet, apparently I have amassed 5 sets of irons. I have self diagnosed that I have a problem, since I am still looking online for a new set. With that being said, how does everyone store their extra clubs? Is there a better space saving method then others? Also, how do you keep track and ensure they are getting appropriate rotation? Getting back into the game and wondering how others manage their problems :)
  8. I am looking for a driving Iron and was wondering if any one had experience with the Honma 2017 TW-U. How does it compare to the 2013 version? Also, is this DI made in Japan? Does anyone like the Vizard shaft? Any information would be appreciated.
  9. I only use Volvik usually the iV in orange. I like to be different.
  10. What are your thoughts on the Yamaha RMX MB?
  11. I got the wife a new Macbook Pro and a Purse to carry it. Worst case I just bought myself a new laptop.
  12. Wow that stinks, I would be annoyed as well. Nothing worse then opening a box and not seeing what you expected.
  13. Wow, I never would have been able to pickup on that. These fakes are getting ridiculous. This is why I always try to buy new or from reputable individuals. I would much rather pay a little bit more and be confident that I have legit gear.
  14. Can any body compare the size of the 2015 KURO to the Yamaha RMX MB? Or maybe a side by side to the LaboSpec CB358? Pictures would be ideal.
  15. I did not think of that. I think it is pretty cool. For some reason I thought is was for looks or to make it harder to counterfeit.
  16. Does anybody else find it interesting that the O is in a different spot for each iron? Also, are these larger and more forgiving then the OnOff LaboSpec CB358?
  17. I agree, IA also picked up last years RMX MB and feel that it was a good choice based on this years line up.
  18. Not a fan of the checkered back, looks like a race flag especially with the red.
  19. How can you tell they are fake. I do not have original ones to compare to.
  20. I will have to start saving up. These finishes look great.
  21. Questions about the Copper Satin, does this finish rust worst then raw? I have had a set of raw yururi and with cleaning and chogi oil I have kept it relatively rust free.
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