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  1. Chris So sorry to hear about your father's illness. I pray and hope he will recover. I lost my father to cancer 7 years ago. He was ill for 2 years before he passed on. Cancer is a gut wrenching thing to go thru.
  2. Stew it is on the mid/ mid high side. the shaft plays a little softer to flex and so going up a flex would be a good idea. The shaft plays very stable no funny kick or lag. It works well with this head if you want the ball to move up a little bit in the air. This head does need a more arching type of flight to get the max distance out of it. A lower flight I found and the ball drops out of the sky.
  3. akapur


    I have the same bag in a different color. It is an awesome bag. Great price Stew. GLWS
  4. I have a set of VG3's bought from TSG last summer. Very little play with those. Currently shafted with Modus 125 Stiff shafts. I can pull them and sell heads only if you would like.



  5. Hickey Freeman and Zegna are the suits I enjoy wearing the most. I am not in the greatest shape anymore, but these do fit well on me
  6. Guys i am looking for a ZY-11 head only in 10-10.5 degrees square face angle. thanks
  7. Very true about them seeming dead. However the EVO 2 shaft is an awesome shaft. Very stable. Looking forward to he Evo3.
  8. That maybe one of the truest things said here on the forums
  9. Best Hybrid Proceed Justick. Easy to hit and very long. Has a nice feel to it. FW Off the Tee: Ryoma F2 or F3. Beasts from the tee box. Long with great feel. When paired with the FW80 shaft these can be mini drivers. Off the Deck: Egg or Epon Ht. Both are easy to hit and long.
  10. Nob you are correct the length of the neck will affect the toe hang, it will also change the offset slightly. Longer necks will change the axis of the putter and so will produce more of a face balanced putter, while the shorter neck will increase toe flow.
  11. Very good comparison. I would concur with all that Michael has presented here. For my game the 125's fly a tad high while the 120's are near perfect.
  12. Richard those look awesome. Would love to hear what you think after you get a chance to hit them
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