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  1. warrnty

    Grandista RS-D

    Thanks Nob! I have your fairway wood I’m hoping to pair it with
  2. warrnty

    Grandista RS-D

    Looking for head only if possible
  3. warrnty

    sold---thanks TSG

  4. warrnty

    DIAMOND speeder

    Looking for a 5S Thanks
  5. warrnty

    Ryoma beyond power shaft

    will look for both
  6. warrnty

    Ryoma beyond power shaft

    Thinking about one for the right price of course. Just an experiment
  7. warrnty

    Crazy fw 80

    Cool thanks I have an old FEX 65 for my driver that I might cut down and try in the 3w
  8. warrnty

    Crazy fw 80

    Your swing speed is similar to me and tempo is the same. Also I’m not a high launch player. More mid launch on all clubs I had Mitsubishi gg shaft in it before but the flex was too soft and shaft was too light. I play a crazy 6.7 in ryoma driver and thought the fw6.4 would work. But maybe I need 6.7 or 6.9 or another stiff fw shaft Thanks for the reply
  9. warrnty

    Crazy fw 80

    So I picked up a crazy fw80 6.4 for a maruman shuttle 3w swing speed 98avg on driver launch is so high and distance is horrendous. Bad experiment or can it be saved? Help and Thanks Warren
  10. warrnty


    Will check
  11. warrnty


    I’ve got one. Tip might need a little prep work. Can get you pictures tomorrow
  12. Thanks for all the responses
  13. Just wanted to make sure it doesnt have that weird clank sound on impact. I have a version 1 head and hate the sound
  14. Is this a version 2 head
  15. warrnty

    Kamui Tp-07 version 2

    Head only please 10 degree thanks