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  1. Kamui Pro TP-07 (Typhoon Pro), 10*

    Thanks for all the responses
  2. Kamui Pro TP-07 (Typhoon Pro), 10*

    Just wanted to make sure it doesnt have that weird clank sound on impact. I have a version 1 head and hate the sound
  3. Kamui Pro TP-07 (Typhoon Pro), 10*

    Is this a version 2 head
  4. Kamui Tp-07 version 2

    Head only please 10 degree thanks
  5. Grandista LS 001 10.5

    Looking for a head only and muted version Thanks
  6. Got one

    Chris has a pretty good sale on them in the shop
  7. Ryoma Beyond Power shaft

    looking for a Beyond Power shaft
  8. RYOMA - SOLD - Thanks TSG

    will take the 3 wood
  9. Maruman Shuttle FW 18 Thanks
  10. REDUCED Final sale. $525 net come on people looking for a new (2016) prgr egg 3w 5w or hybrid maxima head
  11. Will split if I can find a buyer for the shaft Looking for something with similar shaft Just 2 flexes down. I'm maxing out at 98 now down from 108
  12. Face angle is .5 degrees open It hasn't been altered in anyway
  13. Thats a fine compliment coming from one of the "Kings" of this forum
  14. For Sale My "Eleanor" Nearly Flawless Ryoma D-1 VSpec 10.5 with Crazy CB-80LS W 7.7 She's been sitting in my closet for 18 months and Ive finally accepted my swing speed will never be back to where it used to be. Need to let her go only seen 2 rounds and a few range sessions 200g head 45" Length very faint scratch on the sole otherwise MINT I've purchased 2 products from BST, agreed on a price and paid the same day. Please afford me the same respect. Thanks Enclosed is a picture of the serial number and date of purchase and will refund anyone who deems not authentic $595 net to me Shipping USPS included in US