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    Driver: CRZ460, Crazy Royal Deco La Bomba Shaft, Stiff Fairway: Modart 14*, stock stiff Utility: Ryoma 21*, CRZ UTE Shaft, Regular Utility: Ryoma 24*, Graphite Design DI, Stiff 5-PW: Crazy Limited MBs, C-Taper 95 Shaft Wedges: Miura 5000WC / Looking for upgrade Putter: Ryoma P3 / Gold's Factory Del Mar

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  1. New Orion Irons

    I have the wedge which is a nice dense feel, similar to all quality wedges made in Japan. When I hit the irons, the feel is just so so - similar to most USDM irons in my opinion. The irons are also on the smaller side so forgiveness is average at best. Distance again is avg - 7 iron was 155 carry. I guess i was just expecting a lot given the look and the previous experience with the wedge. but nothing like it.
  2. New Orion Irons

    What about forgiveness ranking for the above? :) I love the Crazy MB look but it is so damn hard to hit consistently..
  3. New Orion Irons

    It's not.. i hit the demo the other day and was quite dissapointed..
  4. Modart A60-M

    As topic mentioned..
  5. AK26

    Looking for Epon AK26.. preferably in 10, thanks!
  6. Korea Only Gold IP SEVEN CB!

    so you are saying these are only available to Korea based customers? any reasons?
  7. Miura Golf CB-2008 Irons

    the bronze finish looks much better!
  8. F**k Cancer - an update on TourSpecGolfer

    Always tough to hear the C word. Best of luck to you and your family and stay strong Chris
  9. OB: Real Wagyu & Kobe Beef

    Chris you should just list out the restaurant recommendations here to avoid multiple emails on the same subject haha
  10. Maruman Shuttle

    Which version are u playing? The latest release? I'm interested about these as well
  11. CRZ435 Limited with Sanki Shaft

    Can split head $500 / shaft $700 shipped
  12. CRZ435 Limited with Sanki Shaft

    45.5 / D3
  13. CRZ435 Limited with Sanki Shaft

    Trade interests are the new maxima and AF105
  14. Head: CRZ435 limited, new release this year with face milling. 10*. Square face. 9/10 condition at least.Shaft: One of the best on the market, Sanki bamboo shaft in S, 65g-ish weightYou can definitely see the quality in the shaft. Plays super tight dispersion wise. But I have to come to the fact that stiff flex is too much for me. I can only swing in mid 90s and probably not enough speed for this one. So I'm willing part ways with this.. I think $1100 shipped is a reasonable price.
  15. Best Feeling Epon Iron Ever

    the new CB is as good as any. pure and buttery