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    PTune PG313 10.25 Nunchuk 44" Syard SV 3w GD BB7s Buchi 05 39.5" Nippon 950HT Mizuno JPX 825 Pro 5-PW Pxi 6.0 Yururi Gekko 53,61: Romaro Ray H 58 SeeMore mFGPcs 370g 32"
  1. Looking for a 3 WD shaft, stiff.

    Thanks stevopagolf.
  2. Club I purchased was broken in shipment so I need a new shaft. Head is an older Egg, I assume .335. Looking for something stiff in the 65-80g range. Let me know what you might have laying around. Thanks Bill G
  3. sold - thanks

    I'll take it. Funds sent.
  4. Received the head and its perfect. Thanks again.
  5. TSG Club Works Finishes Now Available!

    Love the black boron rmx.
  6. I'll take the Kamui Ray head. Send me your pp addy. Thanks
  7. PS4. Currently at the farm. 105f outside. Thankfully we have one tractor with air.
  8. A Great Driver Mizuno Mp Craft 513 P

    Nice write up. Are those rocks under the grass at that range?
  9. The mkii is showing better image quality than the mkiii due to increased noise on the iii.
  10. 100s or the old one. 100s is a different animal. The xt1 looks nice, big camera though. The more I dig into the Ricoh GR the more I like it.
  11. I was thinking of the Fuji or Ricoh for more pronounced colors over the Sony. I think I've added the Fuji x100s back in also. Size wise the Sony is great.
  12. What do you think between the rx100 mk2/3 or the Ricoh GR. The Fuji x20 was on my list also but its not quite on the level as the other two and the x100s is too large. Any thoughts?
  13. Geotech Blank JF-10's 1-SW

  14. Going all out with "forgiveness" in your clubs

    I played worse with GI irons. More forgiving woods are a different story. About as big as I can go are the Yamaha tour cbs or the jpx 825 pros. Any larger and especially more offset just don't work for me. Best of luck. The ping woods are very forgiving.
  15. Is Driver Distance Overrated?

    Several weeks back my woods game had gotten so bad I used a 5 iron off the tee every hole. 195-200 down the middle. I was playing bogey golf but had some pars and a few birdie opportunities. It was way better than being ob or in the rough and shooting a horrible score. Gentleman I was playing with asked me," Are you going to use that all day?". I just said yep cause I don't know where my woods might end up.