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  1. thanks guys? why did you end up switching? Can anyone post an in person address shot of the MB? thanks
  2. I’m most interested in the mb or mcb model. Ive searched high and low for in person photos or reviews and cant find much. thanks
  3. I've had some interest, but nothing firm. Price drop. Would love to move these on to someone who can appreciate such a limited set.
  4. I think so. I've only got around to hitting the 7i a few times and they are very miura esque. To me Miura is pretty soft, but I don't have experience with Epon etc which I understand are crazy soft.
  5. Ok guys, these are the all new for 2019 OnOff MB irons made from soft S20C carbon steel. ** Limited to 200 sets worldwide.** The head and neck are spin welded together (possibly Miura Forged?). Anyhow, these are absolutely stunning. I only hit some balls with the 7i pictured below. Specs are below. Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional pics. 4-PW Modus 105-S OnOff grips Lofts of the 4i, 7i and PW are 24*, 34*, and 46*, respectively. Length of the above irons are 38.25", 36.75", and 35.25",
  6. These are stunning, but a bit light for me on the shaft side so might move these on to someone more deserving.
  7. Curious if anyone has first hand experience with the new OnnOFf MB's. Would love to hear a review and actual picture at address if possible. thanks!!
  8. I have an open spot for irons and these may just fit the bill. I love how there is very little offset in these. Not sure you have hit them, but can you speak towards forgivness or lack thereof?
  9. How did they feel. Were they noticeably better than otr offering?
  10. Point taken but isnt this true of any top shelf forged iron set?
  11. Hi guys, Ever since joinging this site a few months ago, I've been in the search of the ultimate jdm irons. I rarely like to buy stuff off the shelf. I much prefer the 'cool' custom stuff. Been trading tons of emails with Tario and it seems like Mizuno Yoro Craft will be the way to go. Right now I'm thinking of a combo set consisting of the following: 3-4 Irons (MP-H4) 6-PW (MP-64) - Minimized off-set - Squared off toes I'm really having issues picking a finish. I've always wanted black irons so leaning towards flat or gloss black. The wear issue bothers me a bit so twilight or dou
  12. Sorry if I missed it, but are there any address pics of the sus316?
  13. I think ive narrowed my 2014 iron choice to one of the subject irons. Alghough the 1007 are appealing im looking for a solid/soft iron with some nice forgiveness. Seems like the 2007 fit the bill. Anyone hit these back to back and can comment on overall look, feel, and performance?
  14. Hi did you end ip ordering? Im curious as to just how soft these irons are. Would also love to see some in hand pics. Tks
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