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  1. Anybody have an experience with Geotech Quelot Aerial 168 Driver? Looking for a driver head for my 9 year old daughter. It is 168g head. She has a swing speed of 69mph.’ thanks
  2. sgjt4me

    New Grandista LS-001 Coming End of July

    Are you saying the entire head looks ugly or just the writing on the bottom.
  3. sgjt4me

    Grandiose ls-001

    Looking for grandista ls-001 preferably Head only
  4. sgjt4me

    Miura KM-005 Putter !!!! Price Drop

    Just installed a new white Pure putter grip!!
  5. sgjt4me

    Miura KM-005 Putter !!!! Price Drop

    I do have another pure putter grip. will install if you want it. If interested make, make me an offer.
  6. sgjt4me

    Miura KM-005 Putter !!!! Price Drop

    Another price drop!!! Come and get it!!!!
  7. sgjt4me

    Miura KM-005 Putter !!!! Price Drop

    May sell head only if interested? Make me any reasonable offers, in the mood to move this wonderful putter.
  8. sgjt4me

    Miura KM-005 Putter !!!! Price Drop

    website says 350g, I remember when I purchased the head I had to decide between the km-006 (370g) and km-005. I tried them both and rolled the lighter head better.
  9. Up for sale is a Very good used Miura KM-005 Putter. I believe it plays 34.5" long (from what I recall splitting the difference between 34 and 35 with the builder). When I measure from the top of grip and follow shaft all the way down to the bottom, 34.5". I did not measure to back of head but to the point where the shaft would keep going if extended. Installed new white Pure putter grip The shaft is an ordinary shaft put in it, no name on it or markings. The putter cover has seen better days, but is still somewhat functional. I always had the cover on as is why the putter head is in Very good shape. Please PM if you have any questions or interest in this putter. I prefer to ship to lower 48 as I have never shipped outside US. Free shipping to lower 48. Not open to trades at the moment as I am trying to fund a new project. Asking $385 $350 $300 paypal gifted Thanks for looking!
  10. sgjt4me

    Seven Dreamers New $10,000 Caddie Bag!

    Wow!!!! Does it come with a warranty? Space grade material...maybe it will take you to space...
  11. sgjt4me

    Epon High COR 380...Royal Deco

    do you know the swing weight? Never owned a High COR driver. How much more distance do you typically get? I am about a 94 mph swing.
  12. sgjt4me

    Epon High COR 380...Royal Deco

    I am good ball striker, not very fast swinger but consistent. No Crazy 435 any more, got rid of it. Too hard to control and mis**ts went nowhere.
  13. sgjt4me

    Epon High COR 380...Royal Deco

    wish i could pull the trigger...........buying a new set of irons........how forgiving is this head