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  1. I was too stupid to even check the serial numbers! I never would thought I could find fake copies even in Japan.
  2. You are the BEST member, sorry for what I said earlier and I take back what I said. Good luck to your sales.
  3. although I think you are saying BS like a 8 year boy, the pictures were taken in the basement and the light was pretty dark. I can offer 100% money back policy if you can prove they were fake. I have owned MOST of premium JDM brands, and I frequently visited Japan for business and fun. So I know where to purchase and I have visited many of Japanese fitter facilities to purchase my golf equipment. Be aware your words as you are selling items too, I can leave craps like that in your post and deal with all the feelings. Bulls**ting around doesn't make a better person.
  4. For sale is my brand new Epon iron set bought from Japan while I was travelling 2 months ago. It's brand new Epon AF-Tour, with True Temper R300 Regular, all irons are NEW and never see grass. I personally dyed the iron #7 to red, but it's still brand new as it's never been used. I would let go for $950 USD, shipping included, which was purchased around $1,350 after conversion. My lost is your gain. Thank you for visiting. I'm a total FOOL that even purchased many JDM golf equipment from Japan, this one is surely not the authentic. Long story short, I went to Osaka last time instead of Tokyo and this shop was my first try. I'm VERY Sorry to list such item on this forum, thank you very much for other senior members pointing out my damn stupid mistake. I will throw this set into garbage(maybe just the heads, and save the shafts for future used). As I never really test hit this iron set and I wasn't planning to play them until I got better, so the set was always sat in the corner. Anyways, Sorry to bother all and I learnt from my mistake. I am glad that you guys pointed it out, otherwise, another buyer will be suffered what I have been to. Apologies to all.
  5. Hi Chris, Any chances that you can compare this new driver to Zy 7 and 535 Black? I'm searching for my driver and not sure how this bullet compare to its ZY family and 435/535 series? I'm currently gaming with ZY7 and it has produce the longest drive for me, over 300 yards, but also I felt it overwhelmed me at times, so I'm curious if the new bullet can combine long distance and fairway finder. Thanks,
  6. For sale is the brand new never used Miura KM 007 putter, 34". It's one of the BEST putter that created by Miura, and it has been discontinued this year. Comes with a very soft and luxury head cover, I was waiting for this putter from Japan for 4 months then I ended up with buying another putter instead. Paid over $550, Asking $450 PayPal only, will ship to anywhere in the states. Thanks for looking.
  7. Thanks for the great review! I made my purchase of the Type R because of your review, thanks so much for sharing!!
  8. Just curious as I am going to get my AF-702, which set of Epon did you have and what kind of shafts came with your set up? Appreciate any input from you, thanks!
  9. Not low ball your post, I am looking for an exact same set with NS 850 R, brand new ship from Japan with 126,000 Yen. I think that's why people are hesitant to give an offer, or maybe it's winter in some area, golf is not the sport they can play. Try re-post in spring and I think you will sell fast! :)
  10. Hi, What is your lowest price? I might have to re-shaft, so I need to estimate my total budget. Thanks,
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