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  1. I will be in Beijing in April...those Kuros are calling out to me lol
  2. Kamen

    Yonex N1-MB forged irons

    I don't mind the look of the hybrid but I really could do without all the text on the crown. I find some JDM brands go really text heavy in not so subtle places. It looks very shallow too so should be nice and high launching/easy to get off the ground.
  3. Kamen

    Yonex N1-MB forged irons

    That putter looks ghastly. I look forward to trying these out in Japan when I go in April then; especially the irons!
  4. Kamen

    TSG's Top 5 Wedges!

    This post couldn't have come at a better time. I've been insanely looking for new wedges and just couldn't make up my mind. Part of me even wanted to give the upcoming Vokey SM6's a go haha Thanks Chris!
  5. I got P2s recently and love them; going to be in the bag for a long time for me. Had 302s before and although everyone says they are one of the best irons made I never clicked with them and got rid of them last year.
  6. Recently re-stumbled upon this putter and this time around it started to appeal to me. Anyone have feedback on it? Anyone ever use one? Quality and feel? The head size looks a little more compact than a standard anser style? Is Maruman relevant? Would be nice to make this my #19 putter haha Thanks!
  7. Better than the $500+ each I was quoted lol. I held the heads in my hand and they are absolutely beautiful. When you notice the grinds on them it's really amazing given that it's almost hidden from all the chrome.
  8. Kamen

    The Ultimate Set of TW727 Combo Irons

    +1 for Daniel; great member!
  9. Kamen

    2 New Epon Putters Fortune and Sachi

    Can't say I am a fan of those. Phew, money saved!
  10. Those look amazing. Heavy price tag on them! What does the D & F stand for?
  11. Kamen

    Shinagawa Irons Info

    Do you know what they are made of? Raw carbon steel? Good to know they told me it was solid copper!
  12. Kamen

    Shinagawa Irons Info

    Reviving a really old thread. I never got a set of Shinagawas but now I am looking at picking up some new wedges and came across the pure copper wedges. http://www.spolandgolf.com/CopperWedge.php Has anyone hit these before? I held a couple heads in my hand and they look very pretty but not sure how being solid copper would be. Pricey at around $300 each locally.
  13. Should have sold them to me originally ;) GLWS for fantastic irons!
  14. Okay well in that sense then...no the CB57 wouldn't be the most forgiving hahaha... I think the most forgiving irons for me would be the Epon 503s.
  15. Well the title said "your" irons so I was just saying out of the irons I own...the CB57 would be my most forgiving...although they aren't exactly very forgiving? I find them okay.