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  1. Love the look of the Porsche, but I would take the Audi..
  2. JDM Dreamer

    Miura Giken's New HAYATE Driver

    That is pretty, like to see more pictures...
  3. JDM Dreamer

    Sold. Thanks. TSG.

    Mate would you sell heads only? I'm in Australia
  4. JDM Dreamer

    The New Titleist VG3 Utility Wood

    I've never been sold on the look of the Vg3 range before, but that looks great..
  5. JDM Dreamer

    Yonex Z01 3i 20 degree ut head only

    Jeff have you got a shaft for this?
  6. JDM Dreamer

    2015 ONOFF Forged KURO Irons

    Nice mate, keen to see what you think of the shafts once you have soft stepped them twice...
  7. JDM Dreamer

    Yururi Black Seida Wedges

    Wow they are pretty..
  8. JDM Dreamer

    2008 Yamaha Inpres XV TOURMODEL Irons

    Pm sent mate
  9. JDM Dreamer

    2008 Yamaha Inpres XV TOURMODEL Irons

    Bogeydog, any chance you would sell heads only and post to Australia? Shafts will be too short for me and will save on postage. Cheers J
  10. JDM Dreamer

    Yamaha Irons.. Best Year(s)/Model(s) for you..

    Not having any experience with Yammy irons but I have always wanted a set of 2012 tour v cb's. They just look pure.
  11. Excellent seller. Description will be as described.. GLWS Jeff.
  12. Located in Aus any help appreciated.
  13. Keen to see the results Supo I do like the stinger but have never experienced the quadra..
  14. JDM Dreamer


    How much stu for the heads
  15. JDM Dreamer

    JDM Irons

    yeah would like to catch up for a game mate. not playing tomorrow though got my social clubs match play tomorrow