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  1. Crazy FW and TRPX $OLD!! Price drop on the Yamada Razor..
  2. whew, busy day...thanks to the buyers who are going to get some nice stuff for great deals, it was a pleasure getting everything sorted out with you! Someone make me a reasonable offer on the Razor, its pristine and waiting to join your Yamada collection! Lastly, couple new adds that can be had for a song...
  3. Well, as ridiculous as it is, I just found a Yamada Samurai in Smoke finish while looking for shafts...go figure 🥴 Obviously need to take some pics and make sure I want to let this elusive beauty go, as this one I recall was especially hard to get in such excellent condition... Feeler alert!! PM me if this one is on your list!
  4. Big price drop on the Crazy's...these are fabulous irons so let's get them to someone to build and use! Drops on the Roddio and Epon Shin as well....let's go guys, make me some offers, too much nice stuff sitting around!
  5. Adding some more items... Seven wedge set including a 64* nose-shaver! For the true JDM lovers, does it get any better than copper-plated iDBL's??? Remember that moment in Pulp Fiction when Vincent opens up the briefcase and is awestruck w/ the blinding gold hue??
  6. Only trade I'd consider is JBeam ZY-7, been wanting to try that for a long time. Otherwise, I'm looking to purge and not stock up 😜
  7. More items added...make some offers for some nice gear!
  8. It's been a long hiatus my TSG brethren, and I trust that you've all been well over these last few years! While I've been playing, it hasn't been with the same frequency and focus that I've been used to in years passed, and the gear hunting has definitely stopped since I was here last. So, that means I've had a bunch of really amazing stuff sitting idle for the last few years and it's time to find them new homes! I'll start with what I can and will add stuff/pics as I get the time, so please check back and see if what I have is right for you. I want to move things quickly and easily, so
  9. i’ve got a diamana W series in stiff, lemme know if you’re interested
  10. Good afternoon, saw your reply and I'm curious on how much an IPT 85029 would go for, now a days?  Please provide a picture or two on its current conditions. On the fence between this and a Heritage V3. Thank you for your time.

    1. needmoregolf


      hi raffy, i will take some snaps and send them your way, hopefully before this weekend when I'll be away camping. it's currently head only but i've got some putter shafts and grips if you would want it built. i'd let this go for a very fair price. I'll send some pics and you can let me know if you're interested.




  11. I've got a mint Samurai in smoke (see my recent ad), a brand new Razor in burning copper, and an older IPT 85029. Let me know if you want more info and/or if you're interested.
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