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    Epon AF-153, 202,203, 902 21, 18 Epon 901 19, 25, SUS Shimada tour, Epon Personal 2 Modus 120, Personal wedges modus 125, 210 kgk 54,60Epon Zen, i33

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  1. Bohdi

    52/58 wedges and Hybrid and unicorn irons

    Epon Personal wedge set D Anf F with modus 125 wedge shaft and white Iomic Mint
  2. Bohdi

    Miura MB 5005 3-PW or 4-PW Stiff Flex

    Why buy Miura ? When you can get a set of miuraisms sbo2 and sco1? 3-w modus tour 120 stiff, iomic grips
  3. Bohdi

    Epon AF 202/203 15degree head

    Hi i have a Af 202 ht 15 degree also a Af 203 5 wood 18 degree I wouldn't mind letting go. pm if interested .
  4. Bohdi

    Epon P2

    $900 us for the heads ? 4-w 9/10
  5. Bohdi

    Hello DB2


    i have 2 set of P2 

    one is near mint shafted with modus 3 120 stiff and the other used for 2 seasons  shafted with Shimadas tour stiff 

    also have a set of Miuraisms Sb02 Sc01 combo if your interested 








  6. Bohdi

    Epon personals 2

    I have 2 sets 4-w on both one set built with shimada tour and the other modus 120 pm if your interested also have a set of sus 316 and miuraisms for sale
  7. Bohdi


  8. Bohdi

    Epon AF-903 Hybrid

    I have a 903 20 degree hybrid . Shipped from Canada . Unfortunately im on vacation till mid Aug . Also a brand new 901 driving iron but can't remember if it's a 22 or 20 Personal D and F wedges in mint still in plastic
  9. Bohdi

    mint miuraism SB-01 or SB-02

    I have a combo set , just heads 3-6 SC-01, 7-w SB-02
  10. Bohdi


    I think I have one , it's mint , maybe new with head cover. pm me if your interested
  11. Bohdi

    WTB Epon Dog Staff Bag

    I may have a few things of interest Pictures attached Epon bag has no dog
  12. I have a jbeam 535

    Plays 45.5 with a oban Kyoshi black 65g stiff 

    White NO1 grip

    I can send pics if your interested .

    Let me know [email protected]



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    2. Dr.Shankenstein


      do you still have that 535?


    3. bogeylondon


      Yes. If you want to buy it, I could sell for 300 USD.

    4. Dr.Shankenstein


      I see that the kyoshi has an extension in it and was pulled from a 3fw. Was it tipped for a 3 wood? can you send pics?