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  1. awesome buddy.. thanks..
  2. Actually mine are the Tours.. So it's definitely 0.355?
  3. Hi all, I have been searching high and low but struggling to find definitive answers on what is the hosel size for this model... Many conflicting info all over google... Yamaha's own catalogue does not contain this information either... The only real option left for me is to remove the shaft on one of my irons to measure the damn thing... Any help? Thinking of switching over from Modus120 to either Steelfiber i95 or OTi 95..... Regards, Dave
  4. Daveraul

    Mitsubishi BF-Series Next Gen Blue Board Shaft

    Interesting... I have the Ahina in my Driver, 3W & 5W, which has been working well for me.. Wondering how this compares.. As D said, the lineup is extremely confusing... Want to try their other options but don't know where to start..
  5. Daveraul


    Absolutely stunning.. Having Mt Fuji on the backdrop appears to allow some tranquility to enjoy the feel of pureing these blades I would imagine.. I need to get my ass to Japan for a couple rounds...... Sorry for digressing, Chris..
  6. Daveraul


    Pray tell.. Which course is that?
  7. Daveraul


    Any specs available like head weight and lie/loft? Could do with a very small seven logo on the toe end surface where it would not be noticeable at address or when oogling at this? Or high on the neck like the Zen? Would still want this to be identifiable..
  8. Daveraul


    So.... What's the damage like, Chris.. Good heavens.. Time to sell my other L Putters...
  9. I think you may have to look towards USDM Utility/Hybrid Clubs (Nike, Adams, etc)? Unless you can consider the PRGR 2015 Super Egg Irons? But difficult if looking for single clubs..
  10. Daveraul

    Japan Golf Fair 2016 - Random Photos

    Yes please.. More pics..............
  11. Daveraul

    The Story of Yuji Numazawa - Armsgain

    let's hope so.. For our wallets' sake............
  12. Daveraul

    The Story of Yuji Numazawa - Armsgain

    Hutchy.. I was just thinking "Thank goodness there's no L-shaped design" ... Yet...
  13. Daveraul

    Japan Golf Fair 2016!

    Lol... Budget cuts for 2016?
  14. Daveraul

    Japan Golf Fair 2016 - Royal Collection V7 Series

    Ohh... The double mill on the (Brushed Raw?) wedge looks delicious..
  15. Daveraul

    Japan Golf Fair 2016!

    Another thing missing.. Female Booth Promoters??