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  1. Do you finally know how to spell ryoma yet?
  2. Hi Guys, I have the AAA 60 and UT 70s Soldes Thanks for reading
  3. Based on looks his putter is amazing. Not sure if it justifies the price tho. He had a release not long ago on his website and all putters were gone within few hours i heard
  4. Hey guys What do you think of Tyson Lamb putter? Priced as much as $3500 for non custom one. Does anyone here own one? It is worth the price? Cheers
  5. 2jzpowered


    A very good choice my friend. Launches like a missile
  6. I have brand new Loop GK prototype in 60s. Let me know if this might fit you
  7. You still looking for the ZY-7 10.5?. I have one with loop GK 60s in stiff. Very good condition
  8. For sale: Good Condition Ryoma D1 Maxima with Crazy Royal Decoration Athlete Type B (Deep Impact). No dent at all only scratches on the bottom Head Weight is 196 grams, Shaft is Stiff flex with DWD grip. Playable length is 46". I'm asking $950 dollars shipped anywhere as a set. I'm only going to part the driver if i can find both buyers at the same time. I can reserve the item you interested in and i will wait for buyer for the other item. Please PM if interested and paypal only please * I am now willing to sell these separately* Head is $550 and Shaft is $400 shipped anywhere
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